Week 7 – Observations and The Mental Diet

This week has been a bit of a blur and a bit of a cyclone for me.  Time past this week even faster than it normally seems to.  Was it because of all the actions I am now being guided to take for my lessons, that have seemed to multiply so quickly, that I have slipped behind with, or is it because I am either on the brink, or in the brink of the unknown?  I feel out of my element, out of my comfort zone and a little bit confused, out of control…okay maybe a lot out of control.  Is it because I am moving a little bit away from the known in my own life.  (or is it because our bedroom is torn apart for renovations….honey??? 😉  I keep learning more and more about me and, quite honestly, there are things that I Love, there are things that I not so love, and the things that I not so Love, I am improving upon.  *GASP* … yes….okay I admit it.  I see habits that I have formed in a new light recently and this has made me realize that it is time to replace some habits!

* The most important of all factors in my life is the mental diet on which I live. It is the food which I furnish to my mind that determines the whole character of my life. It is the thoughts I allow myself to think, the subjects that I allow myself to dwell upon, which make me and my surroundings what they are. As thy days, so shall thy strength be. Everything in my life today – the state of my body, whether healthy or sick, the state of my fortune, whether prosperous or impoverished, the state of my home, whether happy or the reverse, the present condition of every phase of my life in fact – is entirely conditioned by the thoughts and feelings which I have entertained in the past, by the habitual tone of my past thinking.  The condition of my life tomorrow, and the next week, and next year, will be entirely conditioned by the thoughts and feelings which I choose to entertain from now onwards. In other words, I choose my life, that is to say, I choose all the conditions of my life, when I choose the thoughts upon which I allow my mind to dwell. Thought is the real causative force in life, and there is no other. I cannot have one kind of mind and another kind of environment. This means that I cannot change my environment while leaving my mind unchanged, nor — and this is the supreme key to life, can I change my mind without my environment changing too. This then is the real key to life: If I change my mind my conditions must change too – my body must change, my daily work or other activities must change; my home must change; the color-tone of my whole life must change – for whether I can be habitually happy and cheerful, or low-spirited and fearful, depends entirely on the quality of the mental food upon which I diet myself. Emmet Fox wants me to be very clear about this.  If I change my mind my conditions must change too. We are transformed by the renewing of our minds. So now I will see that my mental diet is really the most important thing in my whole life.

YIKES!!!…  Wait….WhAt?  I Can Be What I Will To Be!  An honest accounting of me is in the process here now.  Hmmmm, might be why my current mindset is as such, eh?  I’m attempting to stay positive, even when I catch myself being negative…I can be what I will to be.  I am attempting to “diet” but keep catching myself either giving my unasked for opinion or being less than positive.  I love an analogy I read about catching yourself being negative, like as an ember would pop out of the fire onto your sleeve, if you can brush it away quickly, no harm…but if you allow it to stay smouldering on your sleeve, you will have to pay the consequences.  Catch yourself being negative…..say SQUIRREL!….Change mindset to positive…and smile!  Smiling people are awesome!  How will I confront each whom I meet?  In only one way.  In silence and to myself I will address him/her and say I Love You.  Though spoken in silence these words will shine in my eyes, unwrinkle my brow, bring a smile to my lips, and echo in my voice; and his/her heart will be opened.  Yup, it sure did!!!??? … and it still brings a smile to my face remembering some of my “I Love You moments 😉  It makes me smile when I look at some of my guys, they are talking away and all-of-a-sudden I think, Hey, I Love You….oh heck….I’ve even manned up and SAID it a few times….it was awesome!

So I have a challenge for you, I dare you…I double dog dare you! ….DARE ALERT!

Address someone silently, look them in the eyes and just think I Love You at them…just try to tell me that you don’t break out in a big ole smile!? (if you didn’t, now you have to SAY it to them outloud, look them square in the eye and SAY I Love You!  Tell me that doesn’t bring out a big ole smile) Most people it will.

Report back here and leave a reply.  I would love to hear the stories, and you will be bringing me a smile with each story I read.  Since smiling people are awesome, the bringer of the smiles is the creator of awesome … be the bringer of smiles, let your awesomeness shine through today.

Dare to be different and start your “dance,” your movement!



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  1. Rip: Loved reading your blog. and I do know that thoughts do create our reality, and our future. Abraham-Hicks calls it “pre-paving”, so that when we get to our future, it is one designed by us for us, and therefore a perfect fit.

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