Week 23 – An Attitude of Gratitude

Awareness is creating a change in me.

Awareness triggers red pencil (Negative…didn’t do my 3 reads today) responses to what I recognize. Awareness identifies the red pencil responses and my new blueprint looks for the green pencil (Positive…did 2 of my reads today) …and finds it!  Awareness and practice is changing how I think about things and how I think about things is changing how I feel about things.  We find what we seek. I choose to seek kindness and the good and the positive!  The Law of Growth says that what we focus on grows while what which we choose not to focus on atrophies. I am letting my negativity quickly diminish until it no longer has a part in my life. I will not miss it. For too long I have tried to become less negative, (hmmm, even another awareness just there…”tried to become less negative”…rather than tried to become more positive…yikes!) to no avail, but this time it is different. My mind is different…my thoughts are different…I am thinking different. True change comes from the world within, something of which I had no awareness of.  I am changing who I am by changing how I think, a level deeper than I ever thought of going.

Years and years of being me, created me. Until I became aware of what I was becoming, I was good. How did I become aware? My wonderful family and the trait of being honest, to which I have always placed the highest honor along with communication. As I have always practiced honesty and communication, who would have known that these traits I focus on planting within those I love would come back to (hmmm….I was going to say bite me in the … but new blueprint says…) open my eyes to the slow corruption and degradation of the old me. I was not growing and becoming better with age, I was turning into a grumpy negative old man. Eeeeeeew…no thanks…somebody STOP ME!  …and they did…thank goodness.

Now I am growing toward becoming a person that will look for and find the positive in everything and everyone. It is just a whole lot more fun now…a whole lot more positive and happier. One of the most important things I just learned is also how important an attitude of gratitude is. While I have always tried to appreciate what I have, there were times when I did not. My father once said, if everyone threw their problems in the road and then were told that they could go take back any of those problems, everyone would go get their own problems back! Wow!  Perspective and Awareness…what a smart father I have. So many times I have recalled and will continue to call on his words of wisdom especially when I start feeling sorry for myself. So many people have it so much harder than I, why am I complaining? I have my own home, a family that loves me, a cozy bed, a loyal dog who loves me, clothes, a job (okay…a few jobs) I am healthy, I can work, I can walk outside and enjoy the wonders of our world…phew…I could really get on a rant…lol. Bottom line: Living from within and with an attitude of gratitude just makes life a whole lot happier. I hope I was able to share just a little bit of my happiness that is starting to overtake me. There is a whole lot more to be found if you just make it a point to start looking for it.


10 thoughts on “Week 23 – An Attitude of Gratitude”

  1. Great blog with nice insights:-)
    One thing is that everything comes from within, yes, it does:-) Which makes everything outside being a result or a reflexion of what’s within. You can of course try to see the solution on the outside – (why not?) but this will eventually lead you to the inside world anyway 😉 So it is a great time saver to start from the beginning- from within 🙂
    However you do you will always find the answer when you feel gratitude and calmness within 🙂
    Enjoy your bright life!

  2. nice blog – I too have spent way too much time trying to be less negative rather than just being more positive – thanks for the reminder

  3. Great post Rip, thank you for for the insights. Concentrating on the positive instead of the negative or focusing on what you want versus what you don’t want is a major shift, congrats on the awareness! It’s been a pleasure following you on your journey.

  4. “Living from within and with an attitude of gratitude just makes life a whole lot happier.” I LOVE bottom lines and I will never forget the day you were on the webinar and EVERYONE loved a supported you!! YOu are the kind of person that does the same for others. I will not miss negative thoughts either. Congratulations on your successful journey and here’s to many more!!

    1. WOW Marlo! Your kindness just pours from your words…Thank you! I have been so blessed to be on such an incredible journey with such an amazing group of people. I will never forget you or your kind supportive words.

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