2016 Week07-Step by Step

Remember that old scary game…step by step…closer I get…I remember chasing my sister around the house at night chanting that…  I’m kinda reverting back to childhood memories lately…could that be my new blueprint rewinding back and looking to overwrite my old one???…Hell Yes!!!  Wasn’t that what I wrote in one of my first posts about starting this journey…wanting to reboot myself with a wiped, clean hard drive ready to load a whole new operating system onto?  HELL YES!!!  It’s happening!  Step by step…bit by bit…old unwanted chips of cement are being chipped away and slowly I am starting to see my gold…starting to hear my dream that is calling.  It has been a truly amazing journey so far and I am readying myself for the incredible journey that I am finally stepping into…answering the call!

You have to let go of the life you have in order to get the life that you want.  That was a tough one!  I’m mister not like change….eeeeerp….rewind…what did I say???  I am mister let’s change it up meow!  Goodbye old crap…hello dreams!  Let’s see…what do I want?  Such a change of mindset…I am so happy…so full of love and life and gratitude and possibilities…I great this day with love in my heart!  I create my own daily schedule now…doing WHAT I WANT TO DO!!!  YIPPEEEEEE!…my DMP (Definite Major Purpose) is manifesting!!!

Awareness has created a new perspective for me now…and I plan to keep digging in further and further.  During our last MKMMA, Mark J shared a video that brought tears to my eyes.  I have seen this video a few times but for some reason, never connected with it the way I did today.  So much so that I have to put it on my blog now so that I can stay with it and gauge my growth by the reaction I have each time I watch it.

“…there is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won’t feel insecure around you…”   O    M     G    That was ME!!!  I’ve done this my whole life.  I would usually never allow myself to “gloat” around others whenever I was having a great day…or share something awesome that was happening to or for me…or, or, or…I can think of a pile of things.  That is exactly what I would do…SHRINK…so that others wouldn’t feel insecure around me!  I even just had this discussion with my Dad a few months ago!!!???  He reamed my butt for “shrinking” and not shouting from the rooftops.  Looks like I got some work to do…


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  1. Hitting the nail on the head there, Rip! It’s amazing how just being aware loosens the cement, isn’t it? Stay aware, chip away, let the cement fall aside – what’s underneath is amazing!

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