AwarenessHave you ever realized or come across something and wondered why you had not ever realized or seen it before, even though it might have always been right there in front of you all along?  Awareness.  A word that has changed my life.  I have become aware that you find information when you are looking for it, when you are ready for it.  My name is Rip Yegerman, Richard when I am in trouble 😉  To learn more about me, visit my About Me page.  My hope is that I can help others by paying-it-forward… as others have selflessly helped and done for me.  This is what you will find here within my website:

How To Change Your Life (and the World) In A Week.  (Yes…really!)  “You choose your life, that is to say, you SecretWhisperchoose all the conditions of your life, when you choose the thoughts upon which you allow your mind to dwell.”  Sound reasonable?  How do you choose the thoughts upon which to allow your mind to dwell and can you do it?  Yes, you can do it!  It begins with “The 7 Day Mental Diet.”  I would love to share this life-changing book with you, absolutely free, as others did for me.  Just go to the “Change Your Thinking Change Your Life” form , it’s on the right of the page and fill in your name and email so I know where to send it.  Please open your mind enough to try this for even a day.  The change, the awareness, the new perspective that you will see in yourself, in even just one day, will amaze you…I promise!

Are you living the life that you want?  Working at a job that you love?  Are you positive and happy?  Do you have a plan for your future that you are optimistic, excited and working toward?  Do you know anyone who has ever tried to change?  Diet, exercise, be nicer, happier, more patient, maybe even committed to new years resolutions, that they promised “this time it is really going to be different, I am really going to do it!”  They start out with such great energy and enthusiasm and it really looks like they are going to do it…but then, they start slipping back into their old ways?  I was the king of going to change… ‘for awhile’ and then I always slid back into my old, comfortable, horrible self.  Dang it! 🙁  Why???  ThinkingI have virtually stumbled through my whole life aimlessly hoping some lightning bolt of direction would strike me and suddenly I would know what I want to do?   What if I could show you a proven method to change yourself that would be so different from anything else, that this time you would succeed?  (No, it’s not electric shock therapy)  😉  This time you will be armed with what you need to move forward with such confidence and positive energy, change and personal growth far more than you ever believed or even dreamed possible would be yours for the taking ~ would you at least look into this?  The Master Key Master Mind Alliance (MKMMA) is the most incredible program that I have ever seen or been a part of.  When I hit 55, I realized the ‘lightning bolt’ wasn’t coming and I had to go out on a mission.  I knew there was more to life than how I was living.  I was tired of living a life of quiet desperation!

I believe you find information when you are ready for it, and boy was I ever ready for it!  Your future self, your family, your friends, are all waiting for you to discover this for them.  I know, I know, …I sound like all those people preaching from their soap boxes, but I don’t know how else to publicize this (I am more than happy to hear your suggestions) and I can definitely substantiate my claims.  You can see my progress over this 26-week course on my blog, yes, I even started a blog, here and there are hundreds more that I can steer you toward so you can see their results also.  Take a look at what this is about and decide for yourself.  It won’t cost you a penny and, as a matter of fact, you can apply for a pay-it-forward scholarship.  Thousands of people are benefiting…changing their lives and the growing number of people engaging and taking control of their lives, well, …it must be a sign that something great is going on. It is here: The Master Key Master Mind Alliance (MKMMA) Program.

Recently I have learned about and become a huge advocate of multi-level marketing, also known as network marketing.  I’m not sure why have I never noticed it before?  Awareness?  EveryOpportunity  This business model, person-to-person, is truly an incredible opportunity to direct more money through our pockets and not through huge advertising companies.  It is a magnificent financial strategy for producing leveraged residual income where one can even create and fund their own retirement plan!  As with any business, whether becoming a mechanic, or a plumber, or an accountant, I finally realized, became aware, that network marketing is a business that also requires learning some skills.  So once again I went out on a mission to find and learn these skills.  After a lot of research, I discovered 12 Network Marketing Skills that are mandatory for success.  Also, with the discovery of these skills, I became aware that what I thought was the right way to grow my business, was actually not.  This relieved me because I was not happy building my business the way I was taught :-/  I am an honest, hard-working person with integrity and was not comfortable growing my business ‘playing games’ and using ‘tactics.’  I wanted to use skills that match my character and the deeper I looked into the skills taught at “World’s Laziest Networker” (yes, sorry, another shameless plug is coming)  😉 the more I really fell in love with Mark J’s skills and philosophy, honesty and caring!  Please understand that I am not selling anything here, my only intent is to make you aware 😉 of something that I fully believe in and took me years to discover.  I am grateful to be able to share these with you and hope that they have the same profound effect on you as they did me.  There are 12 Free Network Marketing Skills <here>  …and no, there is still no catch, no payment, no money, no games…just 12 free network marketing skills that have changed the way I interact with people.  Blessings.