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Pokamoonshine Mountain, Chesterfield, NY
Me, My Extraordinary Eileen and Best Friends on Pokamoonshine Mountain, Chesterfield, NY.

I am from upstate, …really REALLY UPSTATE New York.  8 miles from the Canadian border to be exact, an hour south of Montreal, Quebec.  I have an Extraordinary wife Eileen, we have been together for 40 years and raised 2 amazing children.

I have been an Independent Snap-on Tool Dealer for the last 29 years.  After realizing that it alone was not helping me achieve my goals, I started educating myself about financial strategies. I did not, nor do not, believe in the conventional, 401k, IRA, risk it in the market, pay someone else to ‘maintain’ my portfolio, put everything I could away for the future and/or watch my retirement account disappear before my eyes, kind of strategies. I was very fortunate to have been able to become involved with some very, very special people and discover some invaluable ‘secrets’ that I felt had to become my responsibility to share with others.  This ignited another passion inside me, financial strategies…family banking to be exact.

An opportunity shared with me by a friend turned into something that I could not, not be a part of, and Network Marketing ignited yet another passion in my life.

Time has now become my enemy.  Days pass like hours, weeks pass like days, and months disappear to…I have no idea where they go.  Einstein defined insanity as doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Yup…that’s me. Many times I have attempted change, new routines, new schedules, new habits, etc….and for a while things would be better…but eventually I would find myself back at the ‘same ole same ole.’

I am hoping that things are about to permanently change for me now, as I nervously and excitedly anticipate the start of the MasterKey MasterMind Alliance (MKMMA) Program 2014 session that I was awarded a pay-it-forward scholarship for.  I am ready to break out of the mold of what I have become and hope to be able change what my mind is wired with. I am anxious to recast myself from scratch, to remake myself to how I want to be made, rewiring my brain with what I want it to be wired with and keeping it that way.  A ‘reboot’ and a fresh new start…please, is what I am hoping to accomplish. ~ Sept 16, 2014.


*Update: January 20, 2016 ~ I have signed termination papers with Snap-on today after a long mediation. It feels as if a huge weight has been lifted off of me and I am now excited to create a life focused on my own desires.  Believe!

*Update: October 7, 2018 ~ Living the life I had only dreamed about.  Sleeping till I wake and starting to put together my second career for the second half of my life.  Just starting my 5th session with the MasterKey Mastermind Alliance (MKMMA) MasterKey Experience (MKE) which I am feeling is going to be a turning point in my new life!  I Believe!

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    1. Hi Brenda, Thank-you. Sorry about taking so long to reply to you, I am still figuring out all this blogging ‘stuff.’ I am so happy and appreciative to be on this journey with you.

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  2. Hi Rip,
    Thank you for your wonderful About Me page. The map makes it easier to see your exact location.
    Your page helps us get to know you better. Looking forward to the journey with you.

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