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Richard (Rip) Yegerman’s success launches a wave of excitement as he spearheads a movement of helping people learn how to take action and create the life that they want and leave behind the life they were trapped in.

It was a beautiful fall day and I was working in the front yard with my beautiful wife Eileen preparing for winter when I heard the phone ringing.  Knowing I couldn’t get to the phone in time I hopped up onto the deck and positioned myself in front of the office windows to see if who was calling would leave a message on our answering machine.  I could hear a women’s voice speaking but could only make out bits and pieces of her message….looking for Rip…had a few questions…leaving their number…  “Who is it?” Eileen questioned me from her flower garden.  “Beats the heck out of me” I answered on my way into the house intent on finding the answer to Eileen’s question.

Playing back the message confused me.  Sounds like someone trying to play a prank on me.  Patty Ross, representing Ellen from the Ellen Show, looking for Rip Yegerman.  She wanted to know if I would be available for an interview to answer some questions about my recent history, my recent success.  Since she left a number, I called it back.  After re-iterating what she left on the machine for her message, I asked “Who is this, really?”  It took some convincing but finally she convinced me that she was in fact really who she said she was.  I would not agree to travel to CA., still really not fully believing what was happening, so she said that she would be more than happy to meet me wherever I felt comfortable.

It was snowing the day we arranged to meet for our interview and I suspected that it would be cause to postpone our meeting, it wasn’t.  Just before noon our driveway sensor went off, multiple times, indicating multiple vehicles coming down our driveway.  Sure enough three clean black Escalades emerged into our view, kicking up the fresh fallen snow from their tires coming down our driveway and slid to a stop in front of our house.  The doors started popping open and people began to emerge, looking around and then skyward and then trying to brush the snow off as it was falling on them, to no avail.  Noticing their lack of warm clothing and watching their actions brought smiles to Eileen’s and my face.  We shook our heads at each other, shared a smile and whispered “southerners” as we headed down the walk to greet our guests.  As we got closer we started looking at each other in disbelief as we began to realize that Ellen was actually amid the group making their way toward us.  Handshakes, hugs and smiles evolved and we felt more like a family reuniting than a first time meeting.  There was something about these people that just felt good and right with being around them.

Once inside, the warmth from the heated floors on their stocking feet, we don’t wear shoes in our house so we can enjoy this, and the heat from the fire in the wood stove brought a sense of coziness to our guests as it does us.  We served our special hot apple cider with just a bit of peach schnapps to warm our guests hands and insides and fill the room with heavenly smells.  It set the stage for Ellen to ask permission to be able to have the cameraman record our session and to ask if it was okay for her to begin asking questions.

“Was there something in particular that changed your life?” she asked.  “Oh yes,” instantly I replied, “it was the Master Key Master Mind Alliance (MKMMA) Program”  “The what?” she scrunched her face all up asking, indicating that she obviously had never heard of it.  “It is a course, a program, a commitment, put together and offered by Davene and Mark Januszewski.  He is better know as Mark J., The Laziest Networker and she as The Fabulous Davene.  It’s about changing yourself from the inside out.” I answered.  “Ooooooo, like one of those self-help things.”  She said, thinking she knew what I meant.  I asked her “Have you ever tried to change something in your life” I continued “you know, started a diet to lose weight or started working out or started eating better or made a promise to start being nicer, more positive, less negative, more patient?”  “Oh yeah…of course, who hasn’t?”  We nodded in agreement and everyone laughed.  “Well how did that work out for you?” Upon asking that, the smiles disappeared as the sad realizations settled in.  “Not so well” she honestly admitted.  “I was the king of starting something” I admitted “and never finishing.  Promising to be nicer, more positive, less negative, eating healthier, working out, being on time, making calls….if you can think of it, I most likely tried to change it to improve it…and all of it always had the same outcome; I am good for awhile and then…dum dum dum…I slipped back into my old ways.”  At this point my beautiful wife is profusely nodding in agreement…”He was the king of that alright!” she proclaimed.  “You see what I learned is that I focused on and was trying to change the wrong thing, the wrong way!  I slipped back into what I knew and what was comfortable for me because that was taught to me by me, practiced and practiced and practiced by me until I was doing it habitually and subconsciously.  So wouldn’t it make sense that if I want to change these habits I would have to change them by using the same ways I used to create my original bad habits in the first place?”  Ellen was nodding yes but I could tell that I needed to explain this a bit more.  “Our actions are guided by our habits, yes?  Our habits are guided by our beliefs, yes?  Our beliefs are guided by our thoughts, yes?  So we would have to go all the way back to changing our thoughts if we really want to change our actions, yes?”  It was so quiet after the trail I laid out and my defining question that I can hear our clock ticking in the great room.

Ellen finally breaks the silence and asks “And how do you do that?” and we all share a laugh.  “Have you ever seen a 28 year veteran Snap-on Tool Dealer rebuild a ratchet?  How about Neil Hanson of Hanson’s Starter Shop rebuild a starter?  Think about who you know or have seen, that are so good at what they do that they do not even have to think about what they are doing to do it.  They can carry on a conversation with you WHILE they are doing their skill.  Their subconscious is guiding their fingers while their conscious is talking with you.  Band members in a bar, playing their instruments while talking with club patrons.  This is an indication of just a fraction of the power of your subconscious!  The power of the MKMMA is that you learn how to “re-wire’ yourself, how to teach yourself the good habits that you want and how to get rid of the bad ones that you don’t want.  “For it is another of nature’s laws that only a habit can subdue another habit.”  If you want to eat healthy, you must undo the habit of eating unhealthy and replace it with the new good habit of eating healthy.”  “That sounds simple enough, but the important big question is how?” Ellen asks.  “Twenty-four weeks of one hour a day commitment with a certified guide helping you every step of the way.” I answer.  “That sounds expensive” Ellen states, “How much did they charge you for that?” she asks.  “Nothing” I answer.  “You can’t buy the course, you have to be awarded a scholarship.  It is a pay-it-forward scholarship paid for by the previous class.”  Silence overtakes our great room again…tick…tick…tick…I can hear the clock again.  “That is incredible” she exclaims.  “So just the one session provided you with enough skills to propel yourself to this level of success?” She asked.  “I haven’t missed a session since my first one back in September of 2014.” I replied.  “Why not?” She asked.  “I don’t want to miss anything and every time I take it I learn something new.” I answered.  “Oooooo, kind of like watching a favorite movie.” Ellen understood.

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  1. A few (alright, maybe more) words from my side (the beautiful wife) 🙂 …..Rip has started this journey started back in Sept 2014 and now it is Nov 2014 and I can already see the positive changes. The Master Key Master Mind Alliance (MKMMA) Program, a course, a program, a commitment, changing yourself from the inside out, very awesome. YUP, I as a non MKMMA participant, will be your cheerleader Davene and Mark Januszewski.

    To say the very least this has been Rips way of life forever- “Promising to be nicer, more positive, less negative, eating healthier, working out, being on time, making calls”…. the list goes on…good for just a while and then slipping back into his old ways.

    Lets face it, some of what I hear Rip read/talk about is overwhelming and difficult to understand but lots of it makes so much sense …… Our actions are guided by our habits, Our habits are guided by our beliefs, Our beliefs are guided by our thoughts. So we would have to go all the way back to changing our thoughts if we really want to change our actions. We need to undue bad habits and replace them with good habits. The power of the MKMMA is that you learn how to “re-wire’ yourself, how to teach yourself the good habits that you want and how to get rid of the bad ones that you don’t want. For it is another of nature’s laws that only a habit can subdue another habit.
    Its obvious to me that MKMMA is hard work, its a commitment, its time and energy well spent and from what I can see is that it will be worth it.

    I am picking up bits and pieces of the program. I have found myself chanting “DO IT NOW, DO IT NOW, DO IT NOW and I have found myself sending out the first text of the day saying “I will greet this day with love in my heart”. Very powerful , very positive and yes very exciting.

    Keep up the good work Mr Richard (Rip) Yegerman and to all of your fellow MKMMA-ers too and thank you, Mark and Davene and all the hard working peeps in your MKMMA circle for your commitment to all those in this program…. to “your family”.


  2. Fabulous detail Rip! I can absolutely picture the scene and it’s beautiful! Congratulations and have fun playing this over and over in your head. I’m so excited for you, for it to become your and Eileen’s reality!!!

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