Devil Be GONE!

Last Sunday the Extraordinary Eileen and I, due to a clock mishap – hmmmmmmm, ? was behind that…. it actually moved itself back an hour, a week early, so when we arose it was actually 10am and not 9am.  I was witness to the verbal reaction to the awareness of this fact from downstairs.  Not going to make it to church today was the unfortunate conclusion.

Well I absolutely love Jim Burgen from the Flatirons Church in Colorado.  (You probably already know this is you have poked around here as I have quite a few of his clips and experiences from him)  If we weren’t going to physically make it to church, then let’s, at the very least, watch Jim from home…was my game plan.  And so it was.  We watched, from The Dark Forces series “A Specific ‘Scheme.'”

Now Jim always usually brings me to awareness and tears, and this time was no different.  The focus and the content was.  Rarely do I hear about Satan…the devil…etc., but today it was all about him…and his ‘scheme.’  Well an awareness was instilled into me, which, if you know me by now, brought about a change of my perspective.

Looking back over this past week….I’d say we reaped the wrath of giving the devil any of our attention.  🙁  In the MasterKey course that I have been taking, I have learned; Law of Substitution: You cannot think about two things at the same time.  Replace negative thoughts with positive thoughts and; Law of Growth: Whatever we think about grows, what we forget atrophies.  See where I’m going here?

This past week was…well in the realm of me and my family relations…horrific.  Relationships were pushed to the point of breaking.  Truth turned to lies…or lies were disguised as truth.  As soon as I woke up yesterday, I plead with God; Please help me understand…please help me find truth…help me understand what is going on…why am I in this position… feeling the weight of everything sitting on my chest, it feels like I am being pinned down…why am I feeling that I am such a horrible person…I don’t deserve to live… the world would be better without me???

I stumbled downstairs wiping tears from my face.  Extraordinary Eileen bought me Joyce Meyer’s “Trusting God day by day.”  It has become habit for me now to reach for it every day.  I can not explain the ‘little inexplicable miracles’ that have manifested from it…and yesterday was no exception (which is why I am documenting this before its lesson fades away).  I prayed to please have the answer I am looking for in the days read…at the very least, some form of an answer… a hint, a nugget, something…

November 5; Know God’s Character.  “…I sensed that the Lord wanted me to “take a few minutes and just wait on Him.”  Our flesh is so full of energy it is difficult for us to just be still, but it is very important to learn to be promptly obedient to God, even when He is asking us to be still.  Satan …”  DING DING DING DING DING…LITERALLY FROM THE MICROWAVE TIMER FROM MY TEA BEING READY!!!???  We have an inside family thing that when someone says the correct answer…we say; “DING DING DING DING DING….CORRECT ANSWER!!!”

November 8; God Is Talking to You.  “…a divine circumstance that only God could arrange.”

“SATAN will try to deceive us and lead us in the wrong direction…”

I get it! …it all makes sense meow.


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