2016 Week06-Linking

I’m getting a fix on how to link…and learning to train myself to do it…to focus on linking. It brings back thoughts of ….you know how you never really see any Subaru’s on the road…UNTIL you buy one, then they’re all over the place!? Kinda like that! My challenge has been trying to remember to remember…does that make sense? Kinda like the before stage of seeing Subaru’s on the road…before you are sitting in one driving it. Hmmmmm Experiment thought…tomorrow look for Subaru’s. At the end of the day write that number down. …or did you get home and forget all about looking for Subaru’s? …my experiment; I look for Blue Rectangles …2 new customers, 2 new clients, 2 new business partners 12/31/16, Red Circles …save my clients $500,000.00 12/31/16, Green Triangles…Managing Director 12/31/16, and Yellow Squares…10 clients & 250 customers 12/31/16. I’ll tell you if I do as well as the Subaru results 😉

I’m going through an amazing learning journey that is hard to put into words. Well…okay…maybe two… my new favorite words; Awareness and Perspective. When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change. Oh my goodness, YES! When you realize that you are in control of WHAT you are looking for…and you use that power for good, to search for only good, which is exactly what we want for ourselves anyway, really…right? Then only good you will find and all that good that you’ll find will make you just that much more positive and happier…yes? Oh….I smell another experiment coming; Let’s count how many good things we can see tomorrow. A random act of kindness…or any other small incident that touches your heart or makes you smile. I know there have been a lot more sightings by me! …and if I can get more people looking for happy, wouldn’t that bring more happiness into our world? I Believe …Blessings

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