Week 36 – When You Are Afraid

This week graced me with some real heart felt interactions and the coolest thing about it is that it was with people I just met. Total strangers open up to me in a way that I would have never imagined. I am connecting to people in a whole new way. Rich is lining up appointments for us now…”I don’t want to waste your time” I hated hearing, (didn’t like that mind set) so we work together masterminding and are getting ourselves in front of people so that we can start connecting with them. We love connecting and building relationships…love offering solutions, help and exposing possibilities to be able to get the things out of life that we are looking for.  Three out of the three people he put us in front of joined our movement, right then…and a forth the following day! It’s amazing to see such variances of behavior between one girl who will pick the phone up and just start dialing and talking…showing such courage…even if she doesn’t know the other person and the difference of the girl that reluctantly picks up the phone to call someone that she knows!? When you are afraid, what do you do? When you are afraid, what are you ‘supposed’ to do? Are you open to a new perspective? Yup…I got another video for you 😉


So what are YOU going to do? Do you feel that feeling inside of you? Do you hear that voice inside of you? It might be right there or it might be way down deep inside you, way under all the years of accumulated cement and stone all caked up on top of your golden you, your dreams. Listen. Learn to listen for it, learn to listen to it, for it is calling you…learn to be receptive of it, for it is calling on you to have the confidence and faith to be a powerful force for good in the world!


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