Week 2 – Getting Real

Wow…I’m not even sure where or how to start.  It is said that we truly do not know what we do not know.  Lately, things have happened in my life that I truly had no way to explain.  Things happened that did not make sense to me. I remember replaying the situations to family and friends only to end with blank or confused expressions on our faces. “Wow, that’s just weird or freaky.” I have started reading and studying the Master Key Master Mind Alliance Experience Program and now…things are starting to fall into a little bit more of a certain order…take a certain order, or I guess what I am trying to say is that they are starting to make a little bit more sense to me.  My subconscious has had a huge role in my life and I really didn’t even know.  I mean, I think I didn’t know, did I?  Yeah…it’s something like that.  An eye-opening experience that is starting to correlate the things that happen in my life to the “why.”  We start as children that don’t have any filters, no guidelines, no restrictions of what we can do, what we can have, what we can be or become, or what we can accomplish. Then, sadly, the older we become, the more restrictions we place on ourselves and the more we take away our own dreams from ourselves. The saddest part is that we don’t even know that we are doing it. How profound to have this revealed? Check this out: the decision for whether I succeed or fail is completely my own. Wait…what? Why would I “decide” to fail? How about because I didn’t even know? It was a slow process that I did not even realize was happening. Habit. Habits. Bad habits that crept into my life, made and make me who I am, and are actually self-sabotaging me. Wait! Stop! How can I “fix” it? Common sense dictates to ‘simply’ change your habits. Wait for it…the million-dollar question: “HOW?” MKMMA. MasterKey MasterMind Alliance. I am completely blown away by this step-by-step, hands on, help available from a personal certified guide that only has what I want to accomplish in their best interest, program. I’m ready! This is so awesome!

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