Week 13 – Hanging In Here

Support and sharing with other members of the MKMMA and my guide this week was crucial to helping me stay involved and keeping on keeping on. Shelby Nolan’s post this week, you can see it by clicking on her name on the lower right under “MKMMA Blogs I Follow,” pretty much hit the nail on the head for me and even of further importance, kept me from straying from the process any further and even more importantly, got my head back into the game. It is so easy to just slide back into comfortable and let my old feelings and comfort zone take over…BUT I don’t want that anymore! I haven’t spent 13 weeks to get to where I am to just let it all slide back to how it was, to how I was!!!??? I am happier. I am more aware of what I need to be aware of; me, my mind set, my opinions, my spoken words, my negativity, my positiveness, my interactions with others and my level of gratitude. Comments are coming, which so fire me up and give me the fuel and incentive to persist and changes are taken place for the good finally and I do not want to blow it…I persist, I win!

I understand now that we are all progressing at our own pace. I will not condemn myself for not being further along *red pencil syndrome, rather I will commend myself *green pencil, for staying with this and recognize all the great things that are and will come of this! I had originally thought, and expected, that this process would have been a little faster, but I also did not think that it was going to be like this. I really had no idea with what was going to be happening, and quite honestly at this point I am still not really sure, but I know that I trust the people and the process at this point and I am going to keep myself focused so as to keep moving forward. “I welcome obstacles as they are my challenges.”

Please make a comment for me as these have become the fuel to keep my rockets blazing.


8 thoughts on “Week 13 – Hanging In Here”

  1. As I read your blog the words of this song came to mind, I can’t turn back now, I’ve come to far from where I started from. Nobody told me that the road will be easy but I can’t believe He brought me this far to leave me. We understand that there is a force greater than ourselves that is assisting us on this journey and the force will continue to move us forward.
    Make it a fun-tatastic holiday and a healthy and successful New Year. Be blessed!

  2. Thank you for your kind words Rip. I believe that all of us at some time slip but we can also pull through and keep going. You are an amazing guy so believe in yourself! I do 🙂 You have the power to finish this program and you have the power to get everything you want and desire. Be grateful for all the little things that are going right and pretty soon the big things will come. Have a wonderful New Year but be thankful for the previous one and all the good things that got you there and most important, forgive yourself of the things that you “think” you did wrong you didn’t, it’s all a learning process and so be grateful for that process and good things will come.

  3. I am so proud of you Richard Yegerman 🙂 You are awesome!!! You truly are more aware of what you need to be aware of; you, your mind set, your opinions, your spoken words, your negativity, your positiveness, your interactions with others and your level of gratitude. Good going, you are doing great. Love and supporting you on this great journey you are on. xo

    1. Thank you for your support and ‘belief’ in me! Thank you for your positive guidance and helping me. I am going to continue learning and practicing so that I become the person that I want to be, someone that you will be proud of. I am no longer going to be the person that I am expected to be. 😉 XXXXXOOOOOO

  4. Rip, I totally understand your feelings. I knew somewhat ahead of time what we would be doing in that I had taken go90grow in 2012. I had no idea the extent of what we would be doing. I do know that I love and trust the Marvelous Mark and the Fabulous Davene and am willing to follow them anywhere – all the way to my own personal bliss! Keep doing what we’re doing! We will get there, I have no doubt!

    1. Thanks Patricia! I too feel that way about Mark and Davene, but there were times when I thought that maybe Mark just found the subconscious way to get us all to think that… After seeing the changes from my own journey and hearing about all the other incredible success stories, I am firmly a believer and will continue to practice as best as I can to discover and become who I want to be. Blessings

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