Week 14 – Catching On

Decision. I would rather avoid making decisions about certain things…especially major things…than risk the chance of being wrong. Yikes! There…I said it…now I can move on. I now understand the importance of making a decision, right or wrong, and taking action on that decision to get moving in one direction or the other. I’ll know which direction is right. For some reason or reasons, I really did not want to make decisions but now I understand the importance of making decisions, taking action in a direction, see if it feels right, ‘sit’ and think about it, build a little desire, kindle it with some passion and see if it turns into a full blown Burning Desire?! That’s the kind of direction that I need to be acting on now. It took me some time, reaching out and maybe driving some people nuts…but I finally see somethings that are blocking…stopping me as I look at myself as an observer into my own life. Looking at my future self in the mirror allowed me to think about my current self, I started thinking about it from a third party view and took some ‘inventory.’ Decisive…indecisive…successful…unsuccessful, what do I want to be? I’ve learned a lot about being the ‘silent observer’ with no opinion and repeatedly starting over the ‘Seven Day Mental Diet’ which allows no negativity to hang around, positivity only allowed! What a journey!

Watched two assigned movies, Door To Door and October Sky. Wow! Two real life stories of patience, persistence and desire. Okay, also about Definite Major Purpose (DMP), Purpose backed with a Burning Desire, Plan of Action and a Master Mind Alliance. Hero’s Journey anyone? Do yourself a favor and watch these as they will re-kindle a little something inside you that will hopefully jump-start your imagination, ignite a little bit of hope, or maybe even sway you enough to look a little deeper into this incredible journey, into you and your amazing mind with the Master Key Master Mind Alliance (MKMMA) Program.


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  1. Great Post. I love it. I have been the same way with major decisions and I love the third party perspective. Great Job!

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