Week 15 – Green Pencil

This week I broke every red pencil I own, nevertheless I have the one MKMMA red pencil set aside for its special purpose.  Red circles baby, only for drawing red circles!  🙂  I was so fixated on what I didn’t get done (red pencil, red pencil, red pencil) looked like my papers I used to bring home from school with all that red ink on them, that I didn’t see all the things that I did get done.  And BAM!  There it is…the things that I did get done, all the things that I DO get done, what… hey… I get things done.  Crank that sight glass around over here…yup, keep cranking… keep coming… I would say about 180 degrees!!!!  The green pencil is now in Da House!  Focus has been changed!  There is a new target… A new mission has been radioed in …hey….wait a minute….I’ve been sitting here and thinking and things start popping into my head… am I being connected to greater power… more minds… is that where these ideas coagulate …puts out the great plans that I am seeking?  I feel a surge of excitement… kind of how I felt when the extraordinary Eileen said that she wanted to see me again after our first date… I’m feeling so tingly, goose-bumply and full of… remember when you were so excited… to get to go to the movies with your parents the first time, or to get to miss a day from school, or to get to miss a day from work, or to go on a week vacation, or to get a puppy, (hey, put your favorite thing(s) in the comments below ~ I’d love to smile at them with you) …ok somebody stop me, where was I… 😉  oh yeah… full of such happiness, just raw – going to explode happiness that you run in place and wave your arms up in the air, like you don’t care … I think that’s called “the happy dance” …well that’s what I feel like moving forward and finding my way through the Master Key Master Mind Alliance program journey…making one discovery after another… one blow of my blade against a mighty oak… from childish swipes the oak will eventually tumble.  I draw my green blade from its sheath, as I prepare to mark out each accomplishment and give it the proper respect that it deserves from me, knowing that the more positive and good that I seek out will expose me to more of it, more of myself, more of my good and positive self, the part of me that has been buried for years and years under layers and layers of accumulating cement… GET IT OFF!  I can see a speck of gold!  There it is… keep chipping!!!  I have already felt the relief after making the decision to start focusing on what I do achieve, … to move away from hammering myself (red pencil, red pencil, red pencil) about the things I did not do.  I am not going to even think about all that crap but instead focus (focus Danielson!) on what I did get done (green pencil, green pencil, green pencil).  What did I accomplish, do right, make a true effort toward.  I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious and happy.  I am changing my awareness and my focus points this week.  V-excited.

I just connected with Grace McCarthy this week where I saw another empowering video.  Hopefully you enjoy it as much as I do and it provides the stimulation to you as it did me.


For those who would like to watch one of our “assigned” movies, here is the full “Door to Door” movie.  Patience …Persistence … Success.


This weekend my son attended a Mosaic church service.  “Mosaic Christian Church is a church for people who don’t go to church.”  We went the first time with him when we were visiting him.  He just sent this and if you watch it and you are in the MKMMA… hang on… gonna blow your mind, at least it did mine.  Enjoy!



6 thoughts on “Week 15 – Green Pencil”

  1. Wow wow wow!! I bow to the master. I’m so fortunate to have you as my friend on this journey. I would have never recognized my own red pencil syndrome with out you. How do I say thank you for something so life changing? Thank you for your diligence and persistence. You’ve helped me more than you know. And that last video was just amazing. I can’t wait to watch it again. It’s surprising to see that all this “new” stuff that we are learning isn’t so “new” at all. Keep chipping my friend. It’s starting to get too bright to look at you!!

    1. Put your sunglasses on Rich…it’s about to get even brighter in here! With your gold being added to the “party” we will have to wear welding glasses!!!! One of my PPN’s (Personal Pivotal Needs) is definitely “Recognition for Creative Expression.” I also absolutely LOVE: “Give More Get More.” Helping you has given me so much more for me than you could ever imagine. The kindness of you thanking me…just blows me away. Thank YOU my friend, you have blessed me in a way I’m not sure I could ever explain.

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