Week 16 – Kindness

Looking for kindness is a great experience.  I can honestly say that at the beginning I concentrated on and had to work at finding or seeing acts of kindness.  For goodness sakes, the extraordinary Eileen had to point out acts of kindness that I had performed.  Nope, never even crossed my mind…make her hot cereal bowl, wash the dishes, help her to the car, bring her to PT, walk her in, wait, walk her out, person lets me pull out, I let person cross in front of me at Dunkin Donuts, I go inside to buy coffee for my honey-kins, the person that I let cross in front of me in the parking lot buys me coffee!  I love it!  Now I’m seeing kindness all over the place…for goodness sakes, Mark is out giving away “Free Hugs!”

Wow, how cool.  To the left…lean to the left when you hug so you can be heart to heart.  I’ve heard seven hugs a day or so I say when I am in a getting hugs kind of way.  It’s true, it does make you feel happier and it truly connects you to another person in a kind way.  In this day and age there really isn’t as close of a connection between people anymore because of the text, the email, the tweet, the FaceBook, the Instagram, and I’m sure a bunch more that I just do not even know about.  I like to be around people and being around kind people, happy people, having a great time people, just makes it all worthwhile.

So one of the biggest hurdles, all of my life, has been trying to decide what I want to do.  Mark even got in my head “your dream is calling, your dream is calling.”  Well how do I hear it is what I want to know.  How do I hear my dream that is calling?  It has been beating me up trying to find the answer to that question and then BAM…there it is…really?  This weeks post from Mark J:  “The kindest thing we can do?   Be kind to our future self…because once we are, we can hear again.   Hear our heart’s desire and act on it….once we do, the gifts we have become both apparent and active….and simply by giving it away, without expectation of reciprocity, we are being kind to all….and, you know the rest…..Emerson’s Law of Compensation does what it does….and it keeps coming back.”  Holy crap….okay…I’m starting being kind especially to my future self.  What do I have to lose at this point…my old blueprint!?  Um…okay….deal!

I am so excited to have started a mastermind alliance with someone that has been put into my life a while ago but not until just recently, when we discovered that we were taking the same course together, this course – the MKMMA,  and are really both at a point where we are about to explode each others businesses.  He had the coolest idea tonight about me talking to his possibilities and he talking to mine…genius!  The kindness just keeps showing up now.  I can not believe by just changing some thought processes, that everything starts to change…but it is.  That which you focus on, grows, that which you do not, atrophies.  Hmmmm  I’m-a thinking it’s about-a time to start-a thinking different.  If thinking different can change and control me and my life, and I am learning how to be aware of what I am thinking and the perspectives of what is happening and how I react to what happens dictates the type of life I can have…stick with me…I’m kind of having an epiphany do they call it…I am changing the way I think of things so that I can start to have the life that I want!


8 thoughts on “Week 16 – Kindness”

  1. “I really like what you are doing, keep up the good work, “… was a text that Rip received from our daughter last week and it was amazing and fitting, how KIND!!

    ACTS OF KINDNESS- You have blown this one out of the park my friend! 🙂 Seeing Kindness all over the place- It sometimes seems as if we do not realize the acts of kindness that people display towards us until it is brought to our attention…. no matter how small the act of kindness may be, this week has made you/us so much more aware.

    Being immobile for the last two months I have noted the genuine acts kindness that have been displayed to me by wonderful husband Rip (GOD BLESS HIS PATIENT SOUL) and have been absolutely amazed, (Yikes, tomorrow is the clincher for acts of kindness…..my hair appointment, will he transport me and wait at the hair salon or will I be searching for the phone number for the local cab 🙂 hehehe!!???

    Rips awareness of acts of kindness that others have displayed to him have been eye-opening as well. He notices!! I so love what they saying Richie- be kind to your future self, be kind to others, show kindness, be aware of kindness, hug someone, hug your wife, hug a friend, hug a stranger, hug a dog, hug a tree….awesome.

    1. Yes, such an incredible feeling to being trying to change….again, yet this time, when it didn’t really feel like I was changing, to get that note from your daughter…WOW! I can not put into words the feelings inside me as I move toward a whole new level of understanding….a whole new level of “awareness.” I am so blessed and am starting to learn how to appreciate all that I am blessed with and how to share it with as many as I can. (btw…I’ll get the phone number for the cab company for you honey… 😉

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