Week 21 – Overwhelmed in a Great Way

This week has overwhelmed me…us…in a great way.  I feel as if I have flipped 180 degrees with my use of the word overwhelmed, rather than it being a bad thing, it has become an incredibly humbling thing.  Becoming aware of all the miracles that are going on all around me all the time is nothing short of …..hmmm….overwhelming!!!???  How have I never noticed before???  Awareness.  Seek what you will find.  Okay okay…I know…share…lol.  Rich and I met with a suspect this week that, for the first time in my life, I did not want to share our opportunity with.  We did not feel that moving forward with this person would “benefit all whom it affects.”  Yeah, I know…that from me which used to say that if they could fog a mirror, I would sign them up!!!???  Sadly, she had way too much going on in her life and the fact that she still wanted to be able to “give” me something more, blew me away.  I could not ask this person for anything with a clear conscious as her family and friends were already bleeding this person dry with their own demands on this incredible caring and giving human being whose very existence has become one of complete servitude to everyone else.  She could not even close her eyes and think about something for herself….”going south to get away for a bit” is all we could but drag out of her.  I have never encountered an individual as this and it really struck a nerve in both Rich and I.  I will never forget her words as we tried to chip the cement off of her looking for a bit of her gold to shine through…”day by day” were the words she uttered to us as we tried to dig into what she wants.  She couldn’t, she wouldn’t let us bring her to a joyful spot for her.  Did she not feel that she deserved it?  Could she not allow herself to enjoy her life?  All she would utter was “day by day’ she lives her life.  Today was her day off but family members had already lined themselves up for her services, her time to be devoted to the servitude of them.  When we tried to bring her home to earn her income as a stay-at/work-from home mother, it further horrified us to hear her defend her job as the one place she could go to “get away’ from the responsibilities of her home life.  Yikes…she needs her job to have a place to “escape” to???  Seriously???  The depth to which we have been able to relate to people at since this MasterKey Course and the Hero’s Journey, have totally blown our minds and suddenly we are involved with something to which we had no idea about.  Interacting with other humans in a way that we had never imagined, at a whole new different level than we had ever thought about, has changed within us something that we have never imagined.  The depth to which people will bare their souls to us at is legendary, to say the least.  The awareness that we have been brought to is evolutionary!  We look for kindnesses and find them.  The mastermind that we have created continues to inject into our lives new adventures and new feelings every day.  I am feeling a different feeling during my days.  I am starting to look at others in a whole new different light.  There is a whole new different world out in front of me every day now…where did it come from?


4 thoughts on “Week 21 – Overwhelmed in a Great Way”

  1. Rip, your reflections on the experiences you are having are deeply moving and a testament to the Spirit alive in you, your presence, love, kindness, service, and humility. Powerful beyond words. Thank you for sharing your Journey with us!

  2. Eileen Yegerman

    Very powerful. Awareness of other peoples lives, awareness of how other people live and what they go through everyday. It is wonderful for you to reach out and listen to these stories, try to relate with their lives, looking at others through a different light. Your kindness is certainly blooming. Keep up the hard work, you are doing great. xo

    1. Hello sweetheart! What inspiring and wonderful words to hear from you. It is because of my love for you that I am trying so hard to change…and change permanently, for the better, not to slide back into my old self after a short period. Thank you for your support and belief in me.

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