Week 20 – Rock’n’ and Roll’n’

This week was the launch of the “R.E.C.” the Racine Educational Center and what a week!  Rich had mentioned about having a place to meet people which launched us into yet another one of our amazing masterminding sessions to discuss that.  During a sit I was teleported into a room above Integrity Towing.  Although I had only been in there a few times, it seemed familiar as I looked all around the room.  Nice and roomy with a drop ceiling and four windows overlooking the main road outside.  A big desk toward the middle of the room with a conference call speaker phone assembly on it and lots of chairs around it.  There are smaller modules around the perimeter of the room with monitors mounted on the walls inside and smoked sound proof glass enclosing them and separating them from the main room.  I shared with Rich my “vision” and we swung into Integrity to see if we would be allowed to peak upstairs at the room I had “seen.”  Cameron was awesome as he assumed responsibility and lead us up to it.  We navigated through the unfinished and somewhat cluttered path and as we approached the room I started to feel an excitement growing inside me.  As Cameron keyed in the code outside the room, I watched Rich as I wanted to see the expression on his face as we entered the room.  His facial expression matched the excitement inside me and as a smile spread onto his face, I heard him say the words I thought, “it’s perfect.”

We shared our idea with Chari and James and they were so supportive.  Not only did they support it, but in virtually one day, they transformed the room into a heaven for us.

Our first meeting was on Wednesday the 11th and yielded birth to a new consultant, Cameron.  Wow, I didn’t connect that before about Cameron…showing us the room and being first to be signed up in it…cool.  Yesterday, Jeremiah and Tiagh join our team.  Earlier today, the fastest we have ever signed anyone up, Dan signed up and we signed him up as his first customer.  We tried to sign James & Chari’s son Dan up but the server was so overloaded that it was not to be. It has really been overwhelming the last few weeks and I am so very grateful for all the blessings around me and within me.  Tonight’s sit brought forth even more answers and strategies that I am so very excited about.  How about using Drew to train consultants.  How about having junior trainers, trainers and senior trainers?  How about training heralds?  How about inviting others to learn and take action at the R.E.C.?  I am excited!!!

Parts of my DMP (Definite Major Purpose) are starting to show through now…through my “cement”…oh my gosh…like the gold, my gold, started to peak out…it’s like the seed I planted, watered, and impatiently waited to crack open to see a sprout!!???  There is a sprout just starting to show…I have this feeling inside of me that…I am not really sure how to explain…on one side it feels like true happiness…talking to people to find out what they want out of their lives has become a drug…looking them in their eyes and trying to feel what they feel, trying to get to their “gold”…trying to get them to dream, to understand and share their hopes and dreams while at the same time trying to feel their pain and suffering and relating with them on a whole new different plane creates feelings in me that I have never experienced.  The fact that they share with us is blowing us away.  On the other side, I feel as if this is just a phase…I want it to last and am trying to absorb as much as I can fearful that it won’t last…STOP….red pencil!…NO FEAR…I give fear no power anymore…I choose not to acknowledge fear anymore for Law of Growth: Whatever we think about grows, what we forget atrophies.  I see abundance…lots of people and opportunities for us, the dynamic duo, to engage with, to continue growing and doing what we are loving doing.  Oh my gosh…shhhhhhhhhhhhhh, I think I can hear my dream that is calling!



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  1. Rip, you are in the Flow. Thank you for sharing all that you are experiencing and the depth of connection you are creating with your Presence, Love, Kindness, and Compassion as you apply the Knowledge you have received.

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