2015 Week 5-Clarity

Okay, first… I have to thank Shelby Nolan…and I feel that just a “Thank-you” does not even come close to the gratitude that I feel in my heart for you Shelby, nor justifies the appreciation I have for what Shelby brought to me.  I’m not really even sure how to explain what she brought to me…but…I’ll try:
It’s a place that I go to in my mind, my body and my spirit that makes me cry hysterically, and I still have no idea if they are tears of happiness or tears of sadness, and sit in a… a state of…I can’t come up with a word or way to describe it properly.  I feel peaceful, I feel excited, I feel happiness, I feel sadness, I feel high, I feel connected.

Throughout this journey, I have been trying to hear my dream that is calling.  Trying to make the commitment to spend 15 minutes a day doing my “sit.”  Honestly, that hasn’t happened as much as it should have and whenever I reached out to ask for help about hearing my dream that is calling, I would always be asked if I was doing my “sits.”  YIKES 🙁  Shelby sent me over something that she thought might help:

Right off the bat I heard that it’s origination is from the words of the Torah, which is the first five books of the Old Testament.  Awesome!  Listen to the beginning of this for the explanation as it was mind-blowing for me.  Three days ago, when I first got this, I set myself up with a pair of headphones and when I took them off, over an hour had passed.  After this ended, the blue print builder that I had recorded played, and then my DMP and then the four promises.  WOW!  The last three days my “sits” have not only been more than 40 minutes long, but they have been amazing!!!  Not only my “sits” were amazing but things have started to manifest in my life that I can not explain.  Thank goodness yesterday that Rich, my mastermind partner, friend and business partner, was with me while both of us experienced….I don’t even know how to explain what happened…neither does he!  Needless to say, I will be carving out time to go to my “place” everyday now, because if going to this “place” will continue generating these inexplicable things in my life…I am all in!!!

I’ve created an .mp3 from the YouTube video so that I could easily play it on any device.  You must use headphones to reap its full reward:

Believe! …and Peace be the Journey.


4 thoughts on “2015 Week 5-Clarity”

  1. Thank you! I am so honored and humbled at the same time. To see you filled with so much passion fills me with happiness and gratitude. Blessings and sweet success to you Rip!

  2. Very nice…

    I love seeing and hearing someone discovering themselves again…

    Well done Rip.

    When it clicks… Time stands still!! or goes by Quickly even though it seems like no time elapsed..

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