2015 Week 11-Bye!

This past week, the Snap-on Tool Peterbilt stayed in the home port as I rode with a Field Developer to begin validating balances between me and my customers and saying goodbye to as many of my customers as I could.

My head is still spinning as I try to wrap my mind around the fact that my journey is taking me through ending my 30 year tool career rather abruptly.  Throughout this week I was on an emotional roller coaster ride with peaks of happiness and valleys of sadness (I welcome happiness for it enlarges my heart; yet I endure sadness for it opens my soul) while working through my route for the last time.

My workhorse tool truck that brought my mobile tool store to all my customers and business partners had been quickly, unexpectedly relieved of her duty and all-of-a-sudden I am shaking hands and thanking some incredible and confused people for their support of my business.

“I’m Done” is what became the phrase I greeted my people with as I grabbed their hands and looked deep into their eyes.  It was easy to say “I’m Done” to the customers that had caused me stress, grief, anxiety and saying it to them produced a freeing, happy, glorious feeling.

But I am happy to be able to say that most of my interactions caused a lump to form in my throat and a heavy heart, especially when I could see the bewilderment, the confusion in my customers eyes when I announced “I’m done” to them.

“Done, what do you mean?” they would question with disbelief and confusion in their eyes.  I’m moving on… I’m letting go of my banana… I’m ready for the next chapter in my life.  Why did I hold so tightly onto something that caused me so much stress, anxiety, guilt, and …negativity?

Monkey Not Letting Go Of Banana
Let Go Of The Banana

I’ve become very aware lately just how much negativity manifested from what I was clinging on to so desperately, …yes, …was clinging on to!  Time to let go of all that!  So hey, since I’m making a fresh start… how about this time I decide what is going to happen?  Now that I know how, from the guidance of the MKMMA, time to put into practice what I have learned!

Sits have become a necessity now and the results that come from within them, well …I have never been aware of.  I understand now that I have the power to manifest the most incredible life that I could ever envision but I must spend the time envisioning… seeing every exact detail of what I want in my world within, so that I can have the life I want!

Deep inside me a tremendous feeling of excitement and enthusiasm is brewing as I know that I am about to completely reboot my life and build it back the way I want it to be now!

I can hear my dream that is calling…


6 thoughts on “2015 Week 11-Bye!”

  1. Amazing post Rip I remember our first talk few weeks ago.
    Your post give me goosebumps when reading.
    You did the choice to follow your bliss. Congratulation!
    The best is to come.
    Believe. Christian

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