2015 Week 12-Cleaning House

How ironic that the person who put me on the road when I first started …30 years ago, is now responsible in the handling of my returns.  Box by box product is taken from my truck to check in and ship back.  There is a touch of sadness, then a spark of hope, and then whole new world of possibilities race through my mind as I walk through my truck and garage witnessing them beginning to be emptied out.

   IMG_1142   IMG_1146

I am trying to believe that I am really not going to have a route that I have to run anymore.  A weight feels as if it is being lifted off of me and I am now responsible for how I want to reprogram myself.  WHAT…   DO …   YOU …   WANT?  I still hear you Mark… calling me out online.  I’m working on it right now…check out the pics… there goes my … my… banana…  What will I do?  What do I want?  I am so excited that the possibilities are really able to become my new reality!

6 thoughts on “2015 Week 12-Cleaning House”

    1. Thanks for all that you do Christian! I really didn’t understand that this is more of a journey, it will take time…the mentality of our world today is “I want it NOW!” I was pulled into that negative vortex. Now I am enjoying the journey and listening to where and what I should do next.

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