2015 Week 13-Dust Settling

Wow…where does the time go?  WOW…where did the time go?                                                WOW…where did my tools go???  😮 😮 😮

The last few weeks have not only been a blur, but they have seemed surreal.  I keep thinking that I am going to wake up and it’s all going to have been a dream.  30 years of my life, my professional life, the life that produced the dirty paper that I needed…picked up, boxed up and shipped away.  This is huge for me…for someone who does not like change…for someone who did not like change…now…hmmmmmm…I’m starting to like it…hey Mikey…he LIKES IT!!! (for those old enough to remember the “Hey Mikey” commercials 😉

I have to admit…it is like a huge weight has been lifted off of me.  All-of-a-sudden I have my life back…I have my life back…my life back….my life….  MY life!!!

I can still hear, and will always hear, the lessons of Mark questioning the Fabulous Davene:  Why do you hold so tightly onto the “thing” that is causing you so much pain… discomfort… stress… *you fill in your word…

…and again…I hear, and will always hear Mark asking:  What   Do   You   Want?                                …and now, I really do believe that I can start to work on answering that question!  …because really… before… I couldn’t really see myself letting go of my banana…letting go of Snap-on… (geesh…I actually said it) letting go of something that caused me so much…holy crap…where do I start???  But now, I really do believe that I can manifest the life that I want!  Am I a step closer to answering that question if I know what I don’t want?  I don’t want to have to get in my truck and to have to run my route anymore… Hmmmm… I’m being negative again… *SQUIRREL*

What   Do   You   Want?

I want to help people.  I want to educate people.  I want to help people get what they want and be recognized for it.  I guess I need to start talking to even more people if I am going to find out what they want so that I can help them.  God bless Mark J for creating something that has attracted me to him.  The last year of my life has opened my eyes like a blind man that has been given sight!  Yes…that amazing.  I see things now that I know I saw…but didn’t.  I mean I am aware of things that I was never aware of before….and I’m not going to sugar-coat it…some things that I really am not proud of…but awareness is the first step of change…to change…and I know that I am about to change…as a seed changes to a flower…I am about to bloom!!!  I am so grateful for where I am right now that emotions flow from me as I have never experienced before.  Episodes of crying hysterically overtake me now and although my daughter makes comments about how not right it is, it makes me smile inside…keeping my opinion to myself… I know how right it really is.


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  1. Step by step. One foot at a time. As Trish would say, ” You so got this!” Glad you are making break throughs.

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