2015 Week 14-It Was Funny?

Still enjoying the feeling of having that huge weight gone!  I still really can’t believe that I actually let go of the banana.  I’m freeeeeeeeee….

Focus had shifted for preparing for last weeks meeting…heading out 7am to drive to Albany…flight to BWI and then West Palm Beach…then back two days later…  I remember heading down the Northway Tuesday morning with a completely new feeling in my heart…no even deeper…in my soul…  The amazing views of the mountains spotted with fresh snow on them spiked my gratitude meter.  So happy to be alive…to be able to design …  What do I want?  It’s all about me.

It was an incredible drive and just before arriving at the airport, my phone rang.  “Did you get on the plane yet?  Don’t get on the plane…it’s not the 13th it’s the 20th.”  After the realization that I needed to turn around to head home kicked in…I smiled.  Why was I smiling?  That wasn’t good news.  The more I thought about it, the funnier it became.  I started to chuckle…what’s wrong with me, I remember thinking, I should be banging the steering wheel with my hand or at least swearing…this is not a normal reaction to this kind of news for you…but I like it!  …and then I broke into laughter!?  …and I mean a full blown laughter that almost hurt, but felt so good to just let everything out.  So…there go the plans…I just got the next 3 days off…really off.  I mean I’ve never really had…ok, ok, maybe a long, looong time ago, the ability to actually have a day off with no worries.

It’s so amazing to be exactly where I am right now.  I am focusing on finding kindnesses now for as I do, I make the world around me more kind.


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