2015 Week 15-DMP Trailer

I need to really catch up and ramp up my MKMMA effort.  Truth  I don’t know how I get…how I got, so far off track.  Grace  The world is exactly the way it is suppose to be!  I’m feeling in control for a bit but then things get ramped up…I fall a bit behind and then a little more behind and then all-of-a-sudden, where the heck am I???  So I backtracked to week 6 where we started with the shapes and got that taken care of.  Then my movie trailer board of my DMP (Definite Major Purpose)…done.  Hey…it’s actually pretty cool.  I should post it here too to share with the world…lol.

DMP Movie Trailer

It’s cool how as soon as I finish…do I dare say finish, this project, I can already see tweaks that I want to make 😉  I am also starting to understand the linking that is suppose to be going on.

I’m trying to get to West Palm Beach again this week…I’m envisioning a smooth journey.  I would be awful grateful if a few of you kind souls directed a few kind words, a few kind thoughts, a few kind wishes my way.



7 thoughts on “2015 Week 15-DMP Trailer”

  1. Try these kind words: I persist, I succeed. Ask and you shall receive. I will say a few words for you tonight as well. Believe.

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