2015 Week 17-I Am Happy

I am learning that I am the only one in control when it comes to me and my being being happy, … or unhappy, or angry, or jealous, or grateful, or peaceful, or overjoyed…  I can decide how I want to feel!  I can decide how I want to feel and I can decide how I want to react to every situation.  *Epiphany Moment!*  So ixnay on the I can’t help it, it’s just the way I feel excuse.  I can help it…I can choose to change the way I feel, choose to change the way I react to everything!  Now it is definitely not easy…after all it’s my whole life I have associated anger with obstacles.  Why wouldn’t I want to associate challenge or opportunity with obstacles?  Cut me off in traffic…I flip you off  😮  …no no no…cut me off in traffic and you get a big smile and wave because I believe that you did not see me in your hurry.  (that one has been a tough one… 😉

So if what I choose to focus on appears more and more, why wouldn’t I choose to focus on gratitude, kindness, happiness?  I like happiness.  I like feeling happy…okay, I love feeling happy.  I love feeling that feeling that I am on top of the world!

I got my index cards out this week.  I keep hearing to write down 3 things that I am grateful for, as soon as I wake up, every morning for 21 days to create a more positive attitude for me.  I’m in.  Backtracked a few lessons to re-learn the structure of our new index card format.  I wake up with these now.  The first thoughts I engage in, as soon as I wake up, determines the tone of my day.  I usually stumble around trying to focus my eyes and thoughts as I am first gaining consciousness.  I love the idea of flashing through these index cards to immediately start my brain with visions of gratitude, kindness, re-living positive experiences, and accomplishments .  I might even try to squeeze out a smile or two!  Shawn Achor is an expert in positive psychology.  His research findings supports his belief that we need to train our brain to be happy.  Check it out:

My days are scrambled now with broken routines and unfamiliarity being the norm.  I am enjoying the journey as my awareness sharpens and my perspective evolves.  I thought about why I feel the need to shrink so that others will not feel insecure around me and believe that this type of action or type of thoughts blocks me from…me, from me becoming my better self.  Then reaching out to the support of the MKMMA, Trish so beautifully guided me:

  “If you were still lost and clueless, conforming to an ordinary life… Would you want someone you loved to hold themselves back and play small to make you feel better?  IT can be challenging to grow at a faster rate than those around us… But sooner or later, the ones who matter won’t mind and the ones who mind won’t matter… Guild it something that we had to learn… it’s a PROGRAM. You can choose not to run that one… Find you. The true you. and you find yourself surrounded by people you love who love you. It’s an amazing journey.”

Bless all of you.  I am slowly engaging more and more now as the heat from my flame is a constant irritation to my spirit to become better than I am.  I get it.  I feel it.  I believe it.



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  1. I love your honesty. I’m happy to hear that you’re engaging more and starting to see the positive outcome that it is having. Your post reminds me to continue to grow and think positive because the alternative is to shrink and become quiet and I now know that is of no benefit to anyone. Thank you for sharing! I look forward to reading your next post!

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