2015 Week 18-Goal Post

Which came first…chicken or the egg?… Chevy or Ford better?… Success or Happiness first?

I just need to and then I will be happy. Sound familiar? We have become a society with microwave mentality, I want it now, buy now and pay for it later, and an ever increasing pile of responsibilities and things we need to do. It is overwhelming. It amazes me the people living lives of quiet desperation…and most do not even realize. While I no longer dwell on the negatives in life, I still strive to grow my awareness. I long for the easy living life of before puberty…when my only real responsibility was homework. Summer vacation was exactly that, day after day of only my own creativity carrying me through each of all my days off. Life was simple for me back then…and that is what I want now.

As I create my new future in my world within, I have to keep full awareness of not creating a blueprint similar to that of which I just escaped!

This week brought a huge AHA MOMENT to me in the form of understanding happiness. Which comes first, success or happiness? Honestly…I believed, notice the past tense, that success comes first. My happiness was based on what I achieved and what I was able to acquire. If I work harder, then I’ll be more successful. If I am more successful, THEN, I will be happier.

How did this philosophy set up camp in my mind? How did I allow it? Where did it come from? Well…it came from…ALL AROUND ME! Listen to the radio, watch TV, newspapers, magazines, billboards, where isn’t it??? We must be the watchful guardian of our minds to only allow that which is truth to enter. Why are those that seem to have the least, seem the happiest? So it must not be about working harder to become more successful to make ourselves happier. That seems to be a broken or an untrue belief to me now.

Every time my brain had a success, I was trained to change the goal post of what success looked like. I kept moving my goal post back, further away from me!? I hit my sales target, I changed my sales target, I hit my collection target, I changed my collection target…and if happiness is on the opposite side of success…well, my brain would never get there!!! We, as a society, have pushed happiness over the cognitive horizon, because we think that we have to be successful first. We must be about making ourselves happy first…before success! *Epiphany***

How do I make myself happy?

First thing every morning I write down on my index cards 3 things that I am grateful for. In 21 days, my brain will retain the pattern of scanning the world for the positive first and my negativity will atrophy. I do my reads, exercise and sits as structured in our MKMMA. I welcome other ideas that would help me become even more happy.  😉


17 thoughts on “2015 Week 18-Goal Post”

  1. happy for you Rip 🙂 actually while reading your post suddenly I had this crazy image in mind (well yes, that’s me 😀 ):
    we push happiness in front of us, ‘beyond the horizon’, but hey we are lucky; the world is round (at least, I believe it is 😀 ) so at one point, happiness will catch up with us and have our back , we can safely rely on that, faith 🙂 —– which is exactly what is happening to you now 😀
    (well, take it for what it’s worth, I’m in a very funny kind of mooed 🙂 )

  2. So true, we are born into greatness and then conditioned into mediocrity. We are taught to set ‘realistic’ goals and if you reach those goals, just move the goal post. I commented yesterday, however i am not sure why it did not post. So again, I applaud your actions of going forward and trialling the journey. This is a lesson I feel I may duplicate in my own DMP. Thanks and great post

  3. “We must be the watchful guardian of our minds.” The beauty is that we always have a choice — to what we allow into our lives, our hearts, and our minds. I am so thankful for that thought and that all we have to do is be happy. The rest just falls into place. I guess because we are miracles!

    1. Yes Pamela…and I will admit that I lost the awareness “that we always have a choice.” I was programmed and had a bad habit of not being “the watchful guardian of” my mind :-/ Thanks so much for your perspective! Blessed to be with you on this journey.

    1. It’s such a huge shift from my old work-week that I can’t believe I waited this long to do it!!!??? *Realization***…I think someone commented here that I would say that sooner or later…lol. Thanks Marj!

  4. Eileen Yegerman

    Great read Richie!! You finally let go of the banana :), now you are looking for happiness. Perform random acts of kindness, a daily exercise routine which will in turn make you eat healthier, believe that your behavior matters and reflecting on what is good in your life and in turn being grateful… all good stuff 😀

    1. Thank you honey. Yes…finally let go of my banana!!!…can you believe it???…I kind-of still can’t. Keep feeling like I am going to wake up and be back…well, you know 😉 Looking for happiness…check! Perform random acts of kindness…working on… Exercise…hmmm…working on :-/ Eating healthier and watching my behavior…Yikes!…so much to concentrate on!? I’m hoping you will help me…keep me on the path and be my guiding light. It’s because of you that I am trying to be the best that I can be. Let my old negative self die and nourish the new positive me. I am excited now for what the future will bring us. Thank you so much for reading, commenting and being a part of my life. XO

  5. Quite a question to ponder, isn’t it, when we put happiness first — what do I need to be happy? Then, go do it. Because no one makes us happy, we have to find that for ourselves. So glad you’re finding more happiness where you are now. I fully understand!

    1. Hello Day! Thanks for stopping and commenting.
      What… Do… You… Want?
      Sound familiar? lol Took me two years through the MKMMA to finally ‘start’ to answer that question. So much cement on me that I cried through my sits until just a glimmer started to peak through…”and let me tell you friend, that the moment you see that gold, the armor and the concrete will never satisfy you again. At that point you truly enter the true hero’s adventure and all you want to do for the rest of your life is pick away the stone because the gold is so much more fun.”

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