2015 Week 19-Gratitude

I am grateful…so grateful, for my new life.  Thank you!

Each day is a clean slate for me now as I begin each by reaching for my index cards first… even before my glasses!  As the fog starts clearing from my head, my brain begins coming up to speed and gratitude… gratitude… gratitude scanners engage and immediately start scanning through my mind searching for three things I am grateful for.  First time, every time, is how gosh darn cozy our bed is… how cozy our bedroom is!  (Thanks Extraordinary Eileen!  😉  Indoor plumbing is next…use an out-house if you don’t think that’s a huge one…lol… then I’m searching through my mind for which three new ones I will write onto the index cards as I grab my pen.  Through the stack of my cards I flash… 3 Gratitudes… 2 Random Acts of Kindness… 1 Positive Experience… and 1 Accomplishment.  What a way to start a day… reliving all the great moments again and again… scoring and assisting in last weeks hockey game, and again.. and again… I scored from BEHIND the net… I’m making myself smile just thinking about it again now.  🙂

I am making a new habit and I am replacing my old habit with it!  Trading my old bad habit in for new happy, positive, great one…yeah baby!  I’m starting to get that in play.  Train the brain… I am also starting to notice a change in how my mind is working… oh wait.. or is it being more aware of how my mind processes …so freaking amazing!!!  Some mornings I struggle to fill out my cards while other mornings I could do extra cards.  Would that go in line with waking up with a different mood every morning?  “One of nature’s tricks, little understood, that each day I awaken with moods that have changed from yesterday.”  I get that now.  So force start my day with the start that I want. positive and happy, and that way I am able to control what I allow into my waking brain… Awesome!

Put some index cards and a pen on your nightstand!

I Believe!



6 thoughts on “2015 Week 19-Gratitude”

  1. We do have the power to make our day what we will 🙂 Starting it off right by saying thank you and being grateful is definitely a great way to make it a magnificent one. Rock on Rip!

  2. Gratitude, focus, and intention is definitely the name of the game, with enthusiasm of course. Right on. Rip. Thanks for the reminder. When I saw your name it made me smile because I woke up with morning and wrote RIP Yesterday RIP Tomorrow on a piece of water and taped it to my movie poster. The now is where action takes place and change occurs. Way to take control of yours.

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