2015 Week 20-Sharing

Caring is sharing, so I am sharing.

Today Extraordinary Eileen guided our day.  Something about the give more/get more mind set is starting to take root in my brain and by giving my beautiful bride the reins to guide our day today, it somehow brought me even more joy.  We journeyed into Mystic, CT for the annual Cabin Fever Charity Chowda (as Mark would say it) Cook-off.  It was awesome how many people were out and about and even though the wind and temperature reminded me of my northeast location during the winter season, the bright intense sunshine reminded me of summer days.

Because I am not normally in an environment with so many people around, I took this opportunity to be the observer, to watch and I decided to look for kindness.  I am realizing now how the world around me is starting to change.  Yes, I know…as what I choose to focus on will grow and what I choose not to focus on will atrophy, it is all about what I want to see…what I want my world to be, full of kindness and friendly thoughtful people.

First kindness gesture I spotted was a young girl giving her leftover tickets to someone.  I shared with my wife what I had spotted and how happy it made me feel inside to see this act of kindness somewhere that I had not really felt there were very many kind people.  To further my feelings of inspiration and hope for this area that I did not feel was the best area for spotting these random acts of kindness, a young boy held out his tickets to me.  His mother stepped up and asked him if he was sure that he wanted to give their leftover tickets to me.  The boy nodded yes and the mother explained that they had their fill of chowder and wanted to know if I would like the rest of their tickets.

As I turned to Extraordinary Eileen and explained what had just happened, we just shared a look of mutual disbelief and accepted the fact that we were a part of something so much larger than we ever expected.  She wanted to make mass, which she thought was at 4 and we decided better to be a little late than to miss all of it.  We got to church just after 4 and the empty parking lot gave us a little hope.  Mass started at 5 and we went into the church as I suggested that we do a sit together as we wait for mass to start.  I don’t know where the hour went!!???

It is pretty amazing to me how awareness and perspective can change, have been changing…everything.  It is very difficult to change things that have become life-long habits, but…I really do want something different than what I have had.  While they may only be baby steps…I’ll take them!  It has taken me a long time to become who I am…I have no problem focusing on what I really what to become and moving in that direction.  Any forward progress inspires me yet I do understand that there will be days that I will feel as if I have fallen backwards.  I choose to believe that I am exactly where I am suppose to be in my journey.  I am looking forward to the wonderful miraculous changes ahead of me.

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5 thoughts on “2015 Week 20-Sharing”

  1. Dominique Faillard

    Thanks for sharing your experience ! I’m recognizing in yourself, because we are all the same observers !
    Keep going, you’re right on the track !

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