2016 Week03-Focus

I was trying to get in my head this week what I need to have in order to be able to do better than before. Some of the words I brainstorm with are; Focus, Understanding, Action Plan, Scheduled, Commitment, Concentration, Practice, Taking Action, Hard Work, Big Payoff, Discipline, Drive, Desire, Why, Success. There is a level of commitment … or schedule of events that I need to acquire. I am working my way toward acquiring the right blend of each of the qualities mentioned before to jump start me up onto the next level of my life.

It is sometimes during these times of thinking and writing that things click for me. Sometimes even after reading my writing something clicks or I become aware of something. Sometimes someone will leave a comment that brings everything all together for me and I am filled with gratitude. Thank you.

This week, as each week, I renew myself. I renew my thinking, I think, I sit, I meditate…I create my world within to create my world without. I listen to my heart, not only allowing but, actually focusing on having it guide me. It feels so …like a weight has been lifted off of me… so… free to be able to do what I want!!! I schedule each day for what I want to do… simply amazing! Why had I not been able to see what I see so clearly now…then? …because I did not have the awareness… because I didn’t want to step out into the unknown, the scary unknown. Old quiet desperation was a lot more comfortable and familiar than stepping outside that realm and seeing what the world was waiting to share with me!

Looking forward to tomorrow!

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