2016 Week08-Wait…WHAT?

Emerson loved the good and his life was a symphony of peace and harmony.  Carlyle hated the bad and his life was a record of perpetual discord and inharmony.

WOW!      Awareness…perspective…

Choice.  What once was, through the forming of our habits, has become subconscious…and happens without us ever consciously thinking about it anymore!!!???  Once we have lived the situation and decided our ‘feeling’ about it…over and over again, it becomes truth to us.  YIKES!  I have chosen to be how I am.  I can be what I will to be!  The very first time I looked at a glass half… is the glass half ‘full’ or half ’empty’?  Do I want my glass half full or half empty?  How did I first view it and how did I view it each time after the first?  Did I realize that I was creating the future me then?  “I” created in my mind the conscious decision to allow my subconscious to react to this situation exactly the same from that decision on.   *thinking*

Justin, my mastermind partner, brought to light the simple fact of origin.  Taking the thought back to the origination of the decision to see from our perspective, was it…is it truth…or lie…half full or half empty.  Building a lifetime of decisions based on truth that becomes evident are lies…is horrifying upon the moment you see your truth as lies.  What is truth?  Is my truth lies to someone else?  Are my lies truth to someone else?  What causes us to decide how we do at first…state of mind?  Does a bad state of mind doom us from that point forward?

My new awareness is teaching me to keep away the negative…and OMG, even hating the bad is bad!  Law of Growth dictates that which you focus on grows, that which you don’t, atrophies.  Love…good = peace and harmony.  Peace and harmony are becoming my friends.  I choose to now focus on the positive…half FULL from this point forward.  It has shaken a core element in me that is allowing me to recreate me and my life to EXACTLY how I want it!  I BELIEVE

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  1. Serious….These are excellent words to live by, I like how you stated this…….”What you focus on grows, peace and harmony are becoming my friends. I choose to now focus on the positive…half FULL from this point forward.” Great to hear XO

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