2017 Week14-Fine Line

The fine line between patience and procrastination seems to be a subject that I have become aware of lately.  While I have accepted the fact that I need to be patient about letting my new life blossom, I struggle with trying to keep my peace.  Sometimes feelings of stagnation attempt to get into my mind because I feel that I am not being aggressive enough… not moving forward fast enough with certain things in my life…but then I control…or try to control, those thoughts and feelings by bringing myself back to my peace with focus on the here and now.

The old blue print tries to be very strong…heck it was 30-40 years in the making, and I know now that it has not been and will not be an easy battle to win…but already the change…the CHANGES… have been so worth it!!!

Normally …um, before…the old me…I would be freaking out because my postings got behind…so far behind…but…the new me…says…chill dude!!! It’s all good! The universe is exactly the way it is suppose to be.  It’s all green pencil lately…new blueprint being created…al about all the things that I do so well, the forward direction that I am moving…the new life that I am creating and enjoying soooooo much!!!

Ya just gotta….Believe

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