2017 Week13-Relax


Is that a difficult thing to do?  Most people I think would tend to agree that it is a difficult thing to do…sad.  The opposite of relax is agitate, worry, tense…  Just reading these words make changes in my body that I now know how to recognize…unwanted changes!  So if just reading these words create negative changes in my body, what would living in these conditions day in and day out do?  YIKES!  Create sickness, poor health…shorten my life!!!??  Yup…I can see that plain as the nose on my face!

R e l a x   …just reading the word soothes me.  Taking more time to read it… to concentrate on it.  Feeling the word roll out of my mouth and concentrating on what that means to me… transporting me to a warm cozy beach somewhere.  I can feel the soft white warm baby powder sand around all my toes as I slowly make my way toward the blue green water glistening in the rays of the sunshine.  I hop into a hammock strung in the shade on the beach and flop onto my back as it swings back and forth… riding on the warm summer breeze and enjoying the sounds of the surf.  I am relaxed…I am at peace…I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious, and happy!

This is my new focus.  The world is exactly the way it is suppose to be.  There is no sense…there is no reason to fight that truth.  I am on a journey.  I have chosen my own path.  I am one decision away from completely changing… everything, or nothing!  To know this, to become aware of this, to live with intention and knowledge that I can control my own everything…is amazing, empowering and even a little scary.  RELAX  It lengthens my life, it changes my attitude, it allows me to see things I have never seen before, …although I have looked at them a million times before.

When I change the way I look at things, the things that I look at change.  I’m loving my new life by the way…in case you couldn’t tell.  😉  I notice a calm about me as I understand and learn more and more about me and what I want.  I especially love the fact that I catch myself laughing at the exact same things that used to send me into an intense negative agitated state.



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