2016 Week12-Patience

I want it NOW!!!  Remember that bumper sticker with the two vultures: vulturespatience

I remember when I was young…younger…a kid… and always wanting things, as soon as I could possibly get them.  Hmmmm, wait…no so true.  I mean that is not so past tense…I still want things as soon as I can get them.  I have always had a patience issue I guess.  Is that so abnormal?  Actually, isn’t that the norm of our society?  Don’t we have a ‘microwave’ mentality?  Haven’t we been sold a ‘get it now’ and even ‘pay later’ mind set?

The last three years, since engaging with MKMMA, have been mind-blowing for me.  I cycle through times of anxiousness and anxiety.  My growth has been incredible as I look back and analyze where I was to where I am now.  I had a very difficult transition of accepting where I am as to where I want to be and the time it was going to take…time it is taking, to get to where I want to be!

Lately, I have become more accepting of where I am…thanks to the MKMMA.  I am enjoying the journey…enjoying my life…enjoying each day and looking for the positive…looking for the happiness…looking for the things to be grateful for…and I am happier…more positive…and more grateful.  I am more trusting that I will find what I am looking for…simply by trusting!

Give more get more!

I am all in!!!

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  1. I enjoyed reading your blog. Your persistence is worth noticing. Keep up the good work. May peace be the journey!

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