2016 Week11-Deep

How far down the rabbit hole do you want to go?

All the way!!!  I have always tried to finish what I start.  Hmmmmmm  If memory serves me…I think the view that my father had of me was opposite…I never finished what I started…  Didn’t finish college is what I remember triggered that memory of what he said…or I thought he said…or what I think he said…  he thought… 😯  It’s funny how we can convince ourselves of anything.  It’s truth that if you tell yourself something long enough, you’ll start to believe it.  So…why wouldn’t we start telling ourselves what we want to happen so that it will???

Yeah, I know…I’m all over the place lately…like a 2 year old…  Am I me at 2 years old again???  Have I torn myself down far enough meow that I can…that I have brought myself back to being able to rebuild me the way I want me???  Sometimes I disappear into hours of sitting and thinking lately.  I go somewhere that is different than here and sometimes I don’t want to come back to here…or is here there and there is here?  Geeesh…see what I mean? lol

Anywho…I have been withdrawn in my mind about who I am…who I want to be…and what do I want.  It’s been a wild ride quite honestly.  I’ve gone from the mountain tops to the valleys of moods time and time again.  While it really started to stress me out…I put a stop to that by turning to God and His word.  Truth and Grace.  I am enjoying the journey and have complete faith that I am exactly where I am suppose to be…the universe is exactly the way it is suppose to be.  The epiphanies that I have experienced lately are blowing me away.  The overlap of MasterKey and God’s word is amazing me!  The little inexplicable miracles I welcome with gratitude and a feeling of being in harmony.

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