2017 Week16-WOW!


What an amazing week!  How much amazing have I missed by not being tuned in?  It took me some time to process this past week…but more importantly, I did!!!  I have become aware of how much life I miss…how much AMAZING life I missed.  Something like looking for kindness and not seeing it until you have prepared your mind…programed your mind, to look for it…and there it is!…all around!

It’s strange that I didn’t really realize how incredible of a week I had until I could quiet my mind and reflect back upon the previous days and digest what really happened.  We closed a deal with our new friends…my partner Joe closed a deal for us while I was gone!  Thursday I met Extraordinary Eileen at my 90 year-old fathers where we had her home-baked delicious Shepard’s pie for dinner with an unexpected pleasure of the company of my childhood friend John coming over to join us.  Friday we headed to Boston to join Rory, Courtney, Shoshana and Shane to hang out and that evening we all went to the Hard Rock to sing our voices out and dance the night away to Rubix Cubes!!!  Saturday back to Dad’s for “Deli Night” at the Temple and holy crap!…what an awesome time!  Great food, corned beef and pastrami specifically… free booze…a great show with a magician and a comedian…I won a gift card to The Puritan Back Room, a childhood favorite place, …their mudslides are to die for… Rory and Courtney won a bid on whiskey and cigars and before I knew it we were heading back to Dad’s to surprise Courtney with a chocolate raspberry birthday cake made by Bethany, Eileen’s friend…she should be making cakes professionally…that tasted like heaven!!!  I have no idea where the time went, I remember thinking on the ride home.

While this trip could have been put away with the rest of the great times I had and never spent much time thinking about and reliving it all over again, and again, and again… I certainly am happy that I will be reliving all the feelings of happiness, love, gratitude, peace and tranquility for years to come.  Awareness is bringing me more and more different types of perspective and I am truly feeling blessed that I am on a completely different “mission” … a completely new path on my journey.  When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change!!!  WOW!!!  Such power and truth in that statement.  It has become a whole new world out there for me…I am so blessed to be able to see things in a completely new light and see a completely different world than the one I used to see…the one I used to be in.

I believe.

Awareness Meter


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