2017 Week17-Let’s Go!

Just got done editing some video.  Reaching out to those that supported me for my first career… “slinging iron”  30 years some of you stuck it out with me… I am eternally grateful.

Winning the Stanley Cup!!!  Now there is a great feeling to make yourself feel!!!

I am Whole, Perfect, Strong, Powerful, Loving, Harmonious, and HAPPY!

Letting my light shine!  Giving myself permission!!  Illuminating the way for others!!!

Things manifesting in ways I could never imagine…or…hmmmm … have I imagined… did deep inside some sub-conscious controller connect to the universe and transmit the deep intent of WHAT I WANT!???  Wait… what?  Did I actually imply that I know what I want?  YAY!  I’m going to use my favorite words 😉  The constant “awareness” of knowing that I was trying to figure out what I want …seems to have manifested a new “perspective” in my blueprint that is allowing me to sharpen my focus and … epiphany! …I know what I want in a blurry kinda way.  Slowly I can feel myself working toward honing in on the sharp, focused picture of it!!!  I’m babbling…but I love this… I LOVE ME!

So while I am focusing in on what I want and enjoying my ‘new life’ …are there chunks of cement falling off?  My gold starting to peek out?  Seeing so much more kindness around me lately, it’s hard to keep my feelings in check sometimes.  Sunday sermon was another “darn it, I forgot my tissues….again.”  :-/  It’s blowing my mind… the overlap of so many different ways a single message is reaching me???… it’s a little miracle…actually…Lots of little miracles!!!



3 thoughts on “2017 Week17-Let’s Go!”

    1. Hi Maria! I have to tell you how much your kind words mean to me!!! It’s the little inexplicable miracles that have started filling my life lately… the whispers to me that make me confident I am on the the right path…engaged in taking The Hero’s Journey. Thank you so much Maria for your kind words and support…now I have to do another video 😉

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