2017 Week24-Timing

Timing… I’m laughing as I realize what I named this weeks post and realize it’s been… Yikes… too long since I last posted.  Normally I would be red penciling myself for the negative aspect of that but… you know what? …Life happens!!!

…and life has been amazing for me lately.  I have turned into “that guy” that gets things done with a happy knack!  The experience of all the little inexplicable miracles that are becoming a part of my life lately are just… amazing.

I am launching my new career and still keeping thinking that I am going to wake up from this dream all-of-a-sudden.  My life is MINE!  I am not a slave to doing what I have to anymore.  Just like in my DMP (Definite Major Purpose) I awake each day to a new day that I have created.  The people coming into my life are awesome and I welcome each of them for the reason they have come into my life…some to strengthen me, some to test me, some to teach me…but whatever the reason…I welcome each one and silently address them with an I Love You!

The only downfall of my new life is that time seems to fly by even faster than before.  I remember one of my first jobs sitting at a desk writing warranty claims…watching the clock all day as my day just dragged by…  How long those days seemed to last verses how my days fly by now!!!??  How I became dreading waking up and having to run my tool route…running on that hamster wheel of life…not being fulfilled and knowing that their was something more important that I was here to do.  I’m chipping the cement off and finding my golden self…enjoying the journey.

I have given up safe and secure and traded that for what can be.  I let go of my banana…

Monkey Not Letting Go Of Banana
Let Go Of The Banana

…Given up the life I had so I could have the life I want.  What took me so long?  What was I so afraid of?  I live by faith and love now.  Each day presents new opportunities for me that I allow to blossom and live with.  The universe is exactly as it should be and I am allowing my heart and God to guide me.  I am the master of my emotions and I choose to stay in harmony.

Blessed to be on this journey…blessed to be with those who read this.  I am letting my light shine and thereby giving others permission to do the same.   Join with me…let your light shine!  Chip off your cement and find the golden you…the you, you were meant to be!



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