2017-Week01-Here We Go

Life is amazing! …and all-of-a-sudden it’s September…and MKMMA is upon me…again!  My life has changed so much, but yet…so much has stayed the same.  I strive to break free from my blueprint and hope that this year will be epoch!!!

The rekindling of the flame that sparked me years ago keeps me engaged to the MKMMA with hopes that I will fully engage and bring my understanding to yet another higher plane!  I struggle with time management…but I know that I will eventually learn how to distinguish what is important and what is distraction and only focus and give time to the important.  By re-engaging into the process, letting my old bad habits go and replacing them with new good habits, I will succeed!  It amazes me that after letting Snap-on go, I still seem to have an issue of time flying by.  How did I ever manage to have time to work my Snap-on business???

I look forward to this session as a time to get serious.  My Extraordinary Eileen asked me if I was going to engage with the MKMMA again this year…but I could tell by her mannerisms, that it wasn’t a question!  So…here I am!  I am here!  I am! I believe!


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