Focus brings about awareness… awareness brings about perspective.  Yes, my favorite words again for the last few years…yet, I always seem to be amazed by them.

This week I focused…really focused on the question that is always bouncing around in my head: WHAT     DO     I    WANT?    I had a thought… What if someone wants to give me EXACTLY what I want…AND they asked me…AND I could not answer them>???  The magic genie in the bottle 😉  How sad that would be…  It reminds me of the joke that this person keeps praying to God to win the lottery…months and months and years go by…becoming so frustrated with God and their prayers not being answered, they reach out and blatantly ask God, why are you not answering my prayers?  He answers…would you at least buy a lottery ticket.

Have I bought my lottery ticket?  Why am I here?  What is my gift?  What Do I Want?

I believe the meaning of life is to find your gift…the purpose…to give it away.  I believe that I have found my gift: I am a great numbers and finance and strategy person.  People like talking with me…so I believe I am a people person.  I absolutely LOVE Helping Others!  I grew up not following “THE” path because it was “THE” path…I questioned…I question everything.  I accept now that if something does not make sense to me…and I can not learn or make sense of it, I don’t continue or pursue it.  This has served me well.  Did Mark Twain say that common sense is not so common?

I am winning the battle of putting into words WHAT I WANT.  A Godsend into my life is my guide Terry.  He made me ‘aware’ that “What I Want” needs to be put into clear understandable language so that I can begin construction on my ‘project’…my new me!  It became very clear to me this week of how negligent I have been to focus on what I want.  Also very clear to me of how my old blueprint is fighting against me trying to create my new me…my new future self.  Og says it best, “I have surrendered my free will to the years of accumulated habits and the past deeds of my life have already marked out a path which threatens to imprison my future.”


“I will walk tall among men and they will know me not, for today I am a new man, with a new life.”


10 thoughts on “2017-Week04:Focus”

  1. I love how you put in CAPS… WHAT DO I WANT? I can hear you saying that and not in a soft voice either. 😉 Thats an awesome Post. Great Work. focus on what you want. XOXO

    1. I can hear Mark J asking me….I didn’t know!!!??? …but I am getting closer as Terrific Terry, my guide, is helping me get there! Thank you for the kind words and all of your support! XOXO

  2. Focus focus focus… Or shall I say “Hocus pocus focus” to add magic to the formula 🙂
    I’m totally immersed in the wisdom of Haanel, Mandino, Mark/Davene and the guides, MKE fellow students, and even all fellow human beings! They are all teaching me and reminding me, every second of the day, that we are in command of what we think and bring out into the world.

    1. Yes Sophie…Add some magic for me please! lol Your words so resonate with me…we truly don’t know what we don’t know, but I believe we are learning quit a bit about ourselves in this journey. Grateful to be in it with you. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Thank you Terrific Terry, in more ways than one! Your guidance, kind words, and inspiration are evidence of the kind, caring, and helpful person that you are. I am grateful to be a part of this journey with you and even more grateful for your personal guidance and help you give me! Blessings

  3. Dear Rip,
    Indeed, the purpose of Life is to find the purpose of our respective lives 🙂
    Reading your blog reminds me of something a question I asked myself few times last week. I (subby) was telling myself something (negative, false) about me, and as I was about to believe it, I (subby 2.0) told me: “The Truth please Soph”. And I realised I wasn’t true to my highest self. And the thought vanished. And I was free again.
    Thanks for reminding me to stay on track, Alan 🙂

    1. Sometimes we believe the lies that we have told ourselves about ourselves. We are all fortunate when we are able to become aware of this, to recognize the lie. Keep chipping Sophie…your gold is waiting to be uncovered!

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