2017-Week05-What the…?

Well, the old me would have gone off an a rant about this past week…

I accept the fact that the universe is exactly the way it is suppose to be.  So everything that happened to me the last ten days…well…it is exactly as it should be.

Let’s just say that I welcome obstacles…for they are my challenge.  Each day I will be tested, tested on what I am learning…tested on how I am growing as a person…tested on how I am manifesting my new blueprint…my new me!

I understand now that I am the one that controls me.  I choose to look at the glass half full.  I choose to focus on what I have and to be grateful for what I have…rather than what I do not.

Today I begin my new life.

6 thoughts on “2017-Week05-What the…?”

  1. Way to go! I like the new life you are creating today and everyday!

    The test is how do I respond to the test! I love it!

    Great Job!

  2. I Love this post Rip, and I love your name! I think we are REALLY HAVING TO CHOOSE Paths Right Now. Its nice when it “Feels Good” – It is a bit tricky when it “Feels Rough.” IT Is a GOOD SIGN Indeed.

    1. Thanks Greta! It’s awesome that we have become aware of the capability of being able to chose our own path, verses surrendering our free will to the years of accumulated habits and the past deeds of our lives having already marked out a path which threatens to imprison our future. Don’t let the “trickery” of when it “Feels Rough” threaten to imprison your future self! Grateful to be on this journey with you.

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