Tweak… I love that word much better than redo!  I changed a PPN…oh the misery of justifying letting go of Helping Others!!!  Wait…not letting go of Helping Others, more of just letting it slid from number 2 position to number 3 position while I slide Recognition for Creative Expression from number 3 position to number 2 position. ***Oh listen to those judgemental voices in my head going crazy… how can you do that???  You are going to put your own being recognized in front of helping others???  What a selfish person you are!!!  That’s not very God-like….  I thought you said you that you follow His word???  That’s not right to put yourself in front of others…. okay Okay OKAY!!!   ENOUGH with the voices!!!  Cement?  Old Blueprint?  What…where is all that coming from???

Yes… I am sorry.  (Why do I say that I am sorry?)  I want to be recognized!  There!  I said it.  Whether it’s just a hug…wait…it’s not just a hug…hugs are AWESOME!!!!  Whether it is a hug…or seeing myself on TV… I want that!  I want to make a difference…a HUGE difference in this world!!!  I want to change the way EVERYONE handles their finances, thinks about their finances, creates their finances!  I’m saddened by the fact that so many people do not have enough self-esteem to believe they are entitled to anything other than the misery of going to work to a job they hate to make money that is already all spent until they die.  I can be that difference in someones life IF they will allow me to and IF they really want it and…here is the huge IF I have just recently become aware of… IF they are willing to do what they need to do to get it!!!  SO MANY people are not wiling to do that and that makes me even more sad.  They’ve just given up…no hope…no reason to live?

People have become sheeple.  It’s no wonder we are the way we are as a society.  All the cement.  All the training and manipulating.  Every person is a miracle of their own, why can’t they see that anymore?  While I can not get to every person, I’m going to start to identify those that still have at least a spark of hope left in them and kindle that spark into a flame.  I will be the change that I want to see in the world.  I will be recognized for doing so and that will be one of my rewards.  …and recognized to me means that either a hug from a person that will look me in the eye so that I can see in their eyes to the bottom of their soul their gratitude… to being called up on stage in front of millions… but…thinking about this… that hug weighs much more to me than the stage!

11 thoughts on “2017Week08-Tweak”

    1. Wow Greta! Thanks for the Recognition of Creative Expression!!!! You can’t imagine how much that fuels me to know that I actually helped someone with something… or can you??? LOL Grateful to be on this journey with you Greta! …Great Greta 😉

  1. Yes, I’ve wondered about my PPNs as well! We all want recognition no matter how small. How do you decide what’s more important…I suppose the burning desire, jump out of bed like my butt’s on fire, kind of excitement each morning. That would indicate I’m on the right track, no?

    1. YES! I also believe it depends on where you are in your journey Roberta…. or where you want to be. At different times wouldn’t you have different priorities or different focuses? …after you have completed or at least fulfilled a PPN, wouldn’t it be time to focus on another?

  2. Rip this is really awesome awareness and reflection. I clearly see the need you express in your words. There’s an earnest desire very clearly demonstrated. I can feel it! All your needs are served if you feed the most important ones, regardless of what you call them. Keep on truckin!

    1. Thank you Terry! It has been a tremendous struggle to hear what my heart wants…er, well…get it onto paper in 400 words or less. My son’s fiancé has been helping me get my thoughts… my DMP on paper and she keeps telling me to stop overthinking it… Geeesh! How do I do that??? Analysis paralysis? I’m truckin’ till I get the delivery!!! Thank you Terry for your guidance.

  3. I LOVE the details you share! I went through the same thing!! It is good to hear that we are all processing and growing as we make sense of our desires and the things in our hearts. Breaking through the cement…

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