PPN’s …Personal Pivotal Needs.

It’s amazing how when you change the way you look at things…the things you look at change.  Then…out of nowhere…something clicks… snaps… connects… and then everything changes again!

Point?  I’m back reviewing my PPN’s.  What has become my new focus… down the path a little further… and then more changes…  I LOVE IT!  My new freedom…. ooooo…. epiphany… I have always been free…. I just chose to not act that way…then!  My new freedom is allowing me to figure out my new path and “What    Do    I     Want?”

PPN’s …Personal Pivotal Needs:

Legacy:  Opportunities to effectively share my life’s work, both in dollars and in substance.

Spiritual Growth:  Increasing in knowledge and understanding of God’s word, life-long journey that occurs through reading and applying God’s word to my life.

Autonomy:  Freedom from external control or influence; independent choices, self-governing.

Liberty:  Immunity from debt, IRS independence, freedom of choice; to think or feel or do just as I please; personal freedom from servitude or confinement or oppression.

Helping Others:  World goodness, contributing, making a difference in society, give utopia on earth to others.

Recognition for Creative Expression:  Recognized or acknowledged for achievements, honored, remembered, cherished, endowed with greatness.

True Health:  Energy for living, fit and healthy, sound mind, interactions with others, relationships, relaxation, strong immune system, healthy lifestyle.

4 thoughts on “2017-Week07-PPN’s”

  1. What will you choose, ummm, choosing 1 or 2 and the rest fall into place, on my living room wall hangs a picture I had for years before joining MKE and it reads Dream, Believe and Become. How did the universal mind (God) know I would end up here. His design, you betcha!

    1. Hi Roz.

      Liberty and Recognition for Creative Expression.

      I guess that I’ll just keep picking that with which I believe is true at the present moment. I believe I will feel the need to change when it does not feel right anymore. Thanks for stopping by and sharing!

    1. Yes they are!
      Get out the dictionary to define the PPN’s myself? I believed that the PPN’s had predefined definitions for how they were to be interpreted in regards to our DMP… maybe a matter for our next mastermind? Thanks for being you and helping me Terry!
      Now…more time in the world within…

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