I powered through another revision of my DMP this week.  It was a struggle to say the least… but as I said before, and I will make it my new subconscious habit to finish what I start… Especially something as important as ME! …and my future me.

I came across something that helped me understand…hear it again…put in someone else’s words…different awareness…perspective, that I want to at least put here for safe keeping:


Something….someone I have been studying for years now…

Hopefully I am close to closing the chapter on my DMP for this year… It has taken not only A LOT of time but it has also taken a lot of my energy…mentally…anyway.

4 thoughts on “2017Week10-Geesh”

  1. Hi Rip, I have been visiting our tribe members blogs and really like the fact that you decided to follow your heart, and change your life’s direction. Thank you for posting Steve Jobs’ commencement address, and Napoleon Hills lecture, I almost got through the whole thing, but I was really tired after a long day, and it was a little past midnight. I will listen to it again. My wife Susan and I are also big fans of Joyce Meyers. I live a bit downstate from you in the Hudson Valley (Red Hook), but we love the Adirondacks, and I have been an avid backpacker since I was in high school. We seem to have a bit in common, and I have been looking for someone who was not a MLMer to possibly mastermind with. I have been a plumber with my own business, and am not going to pursue it much longer, for much the same reasons as you leaving your Snap-on business. Anyway I also would live to pick your brain about the second time around for MKMME that you are into. Write me back some thoughts. Thanks, Frank.

    1. Hi Frank,
      I just got done visiting all of our tribe’s blogs myself…kinda cool…great minds think alike!
      Yes…I would be very interested in masterminding with you. I also feel we are a lot alike.
      This is actually…ahem…*cough* *cough* … my 4th time through the MKE.
      Fortunately my wife/accountability partner expresses how much this program helps me and how much I really need to do it each year… hmmm… Just thought about that a bit more….lol. Thanks for your comment…I look forward to masterminding with you!
      Grateful to be on this journey with you.

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