YES!!!!!  Yeah BABY!!!

Did it!  Done! …Finally!!! … I can answer Mark J’s echoing question in my head:

WHAT          DO          YOU          WANT?

It feels amazing to complete something that I wanted to know… just never was able to.  To answer a question that seems so darn easy to answer… yet…I hadn’t.  I didn’t think I could.

It goes back to high school for me… my father asking me… my guidance counselor asking me… wait *thinking*  …What kind of guidance counselor does not help a student figure out  SQUIRREL! …Negative thought… brush it away like the burning ember that just popped out of the wood stove onto me…phew…no harm done…

How could I live my life with no direction?  Why am I here?  WHAT DO I WANT?

Deepest heartfelt thanks and gratitude go to The Terrific Terry, my Guide, who hung with me and guided me to find my Definite Major Purpose.  It feels as if a weight has been lifted off of me.  I now know WHAT   I   WANT!  Almost two years ago I walked out of an attorney’s office in Florida freeing myself from what became torment from my 30-year career… completing my DMP (Definite Major Purpose) …being told from my guide: Congratulations, it is done… brings back that same feeling of deep relief I had that day 2 years ago!  *wait… as I bask in this feeling again…. It feels so good … I am so grateful… life is so awesome!*



21 thoughts on “2017-Week11-Relief”

  1. RIP–I am So Darn Excited and Thrilled for You! YOU DID IT! You Got Your DMP! The most important part. I am thrilled that you didn’t release it until it was CORRECT. I can’t wait to see what you do next… ! Your potential Leaps off the Screen!

  2. I’m so happy for you Rip!!! And I celebrate for you/with you here!!! Tchin tchin, win win, love love <3
    Makes me feel like working on my DMP again, for as the weeks pass by, it seems some things on the dmP seem fading away, while others come stronger from the background.
    Thank you Rip.

    1. Thank-you Sophie! Sharing the celebration is so much better than keeping it to myself!!! …and I know that by allowing my light to shine, I unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As I am liberated from my own fear, my presence automatically liberates others. Work on your DMP Sophie!!!… your future self is counting on you to. Grateful to be on this journey with you.

  3. Ah yes You Know What You Want! A lesser mortal would have resigned himself to a life of quiet desperation because the commitment and desire required to find Aladdin’s Lamp was too much to ask. Now go for it with all your might. and with the same kind of determination and Accurate Thinking. Haanel and Hill kind of Accurate Thinking.

    1. Terrific Terry!!! What a wonderful blessing you have been…you are! Yes…I had resigned myself to a life of quiet desperation… but thank God for your guidance and the Master Key Mastermind Alliance to make me aware of it and help me learn how to find want I want! Since high school I can remember that question, WHAT DO YOU WANT? … that made me resist… made me feel overwhelmed, which I have now become aware of it just being resistance. I am truly blessed to be on this journey with you!

    1. Thank you Pieter. It’s a relief to walk away from that which causes so much negativity and stress. I am excited to create my own journey now that I know that I can! Thanks for stopping by and commenting. …are you saying that you are on your way to getting there?

  4. RIP, I am so happy for you. I heard you say it was a long time in coming, so worth it, to finally know so that it van be focused on and achieved. Go RIP!! So glad you are in alignment with yourself.

    1. Johanna…Thank you! Yes…really like all my life… There were times when I thought I liked what I was doing…when I switched jobs…tried something new…but…it was all just temporary…just until the newness wore off. Now… I know what I want… I am truly happy and grateful and my light shines and others know me not, for I am a new man 😉 I am grateful for your kind words and to be on this journey with you.

    1. I am awesome Wendy! Thanks for commenting. I run in spurts of growth and handling things the best that I can. I try to stay focused that everything is awesome and that the universe is exactly the way it is supposed to be! I will not allow my old blueprint to jeopardize my future self.

  5. Rip,
    It is awesome to hear that after so long, that your purpose is clear! Hip,hip, hurray! I am very excited for you! Now that the path has been defined by you, getting there will be made possible. Go! Go! Go! Rip!

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