Celebrating getting my DMP approved stalled my efforts to move forward as fast as I anticipated…BUT….It’s all good!!!

While I want to justify and make excuses… even red pencil myself… I fight with every ounce of my new self to accept the universe is exactly the way it is suppose to be and make myself fight my old blueprint so that I can not only accept where I am right now, but to bask in the glory of where I am right now… A LOT closer to where I am going and what I want than I was before!!!

I have doubled back to week 5 and 6 and 7, etc… I am trying to take up where I should have been after getting my DMP approved.  I struggle with the next step of linking the shapes and colors to my DMP and assigning SMART goals.  Just as with my DMP, I refuse to give up on my future self and what I want…so again I am diving into getting this done.  I will be reaching out to Terrific Terry for help and guidance again.  I feel that this is the year that everything will start coming together for me, and as already, I know it is only a matter of time until I get everything in line.

15 thoughts on “2017Week15-Persistence”

    1. Johanna,
      One of the things I see within the MKMMA that makes me sad is the red pencil being used. I think they all should be broken and we need to focus ONLY on our green pencil! What I mean is that regardless of what you are not doing… what ARE you doing… let’s focus on that! We can all red pencil ourselves to death…even worse…we can all red pencil ourselves right out of the MKMMA!!!!??? Truth and Grace! …but let’s focus on even the smallest thing we do do…and from there grow! You have hope. You have what you ARE doing to only focus on as green pencil. Keep fighting…your future self is praying that you win the biggest fight of your life! Let your old blueprint atrophy and let your new blueprint begin to take hold of you…one little step at a time! Grateful to be on this journey with you.

    1. Yeah Terry… the fight has been going on long enough for me to understand…but…bits and pieces of the old me poke through to try to reclaim me. It does here and there…but I know truth! It’s been 50 years…I don’t expect my transformation to be quick and easy. Thank you so much…I am so grateful for your guidance!

  1. RIP- I am playing catch up too- but had the time and energy for it with the break! It was great to have 23 hours on flights! The DMP is the Most Important Piece I think…SO GLAD you listened to yourself and focused where you needed to focus. Your enthusiasm and commitment to that has Been Consistently Clear! I Trust Your Instincts… IT WILL HAPPEN WHEN WE PERSIST! I Believe in you Deeply.

    GO RIP!

    1. Greta… catch up…moving forward…a new attack plan…bits and pieces of “wins’…doing things right… should I go on? …I think you get my point. Whatever we do…in the name of moving forward, it is all good! Just always keep moving forward and NEVER let the red pencil get a word in!!! Your words always make me feel as if I help…you inspire me to help! It saddens me when I hear people talk about how behind they are because boy do I understand that! Four times through and I’ll take the little wins I get here and there. I wish the same for you. Celebrate the little wins…they mean that you are on your way to your greatness!!! I believe in you and can not wait to celebrate with you with your wins!!!

  2. Hi Rip, Happy New Year! I am believing in you! You will make the progress you desire. If adversity is not entertained, there is less of it! Seek the sit! everything is good and getting better! It will all come together, and we will all emerge victorious!

    1. Hi Frank! Happy New Year! Happy New You! I am loving the journey…I know that nature acts not in haste, so I am patiently enjoying the journey. Thank you for your kind words.

  3. Going back weeks 5, 6 etc. shows you are persistent and breaking more cement off of your true self. Way to go!

  4. Patricia Alleyne

    Keep on believing. I can see it happening for you. I am reminded of the words in Ecclesiastes “the race is not given to the swift nor the strong but those who endure to the end.”

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