2017(18) Week16-Acceptance

I welcome obstacles for they are my challenge …has been my chant this week.  I fight to accept that the universe is exactly the way it is suppose to be because I know the greater good that will come from this acceptance!  …but…isn’t there always a “but”???… it is sooooo hard to stay positive… to look for the good in everything.  Sometimes it is just accepting the fact that I am being tested.

Constantly I find myself justifying… just look where I am now verses where I was two years ago!  Attitude!  Awareness… Perspective.  It is all good.  I think it important to keep focus on the “what I want” at this point.  It’s not what happens to me… it is how I choose to react to it that is the important part.  This has been a huge shift for me and has been a work in progress.  I think that is why the things that have happened to me have happened…tests… they are all tests…  I’ll keep that in perspective…. keep moving forward… keep focusing on my green pencil… and keep enjoying my new life!

5 thoughts on “2017(18) Week16-Acceptance”

  1. Yeah that’s the right outlook – we just need to keep trusting the process and doint the work because this course and information is very very powerful our subxonsious knows it – just now for the physical to catch up.

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