Serving the greater good…  You cannot give and not receive, just as you cannot receive without giving.  One of the lessons I love in the MasterKey is “Give more Get more.”  I love to give… I love the feeling I get when I have been able to be in true service to someone. The second stage of giving is receiving… I know that I cannot give to someone without getting something.  I understand that it possibly will not be through the same channel that I gave that it will come back from, but regardless… and amazingly enough… I absolutely love and am quite surprised most of the times, with the reciprocity from my giving!

This week I have been blessed to have been able to spend time with my son and his fiancée. His pipes froze and broke in their house in Maryland and, as a part of my new life, I have been able to come down here and spend time helping him fix them. What was the positive perspective of this situation: It enabled us to be able to spend time together, it upgraded the horrible cheap plastic piping to Pex, we celebrated together our ability to repair this ourselves.

I am grateful for my new life!  I am grateful for all the positive things that happen to me everyday. I am grateful to the members of our tribe that take the time to share. I am grateful to our tribe leader/guide, the Terrific Terry, that consistently shows new perspectives to us.

I Believe!


16 thoughts on “2018Week17-Serving”

  1. Rip, I so agree with you that is so often that we have a harder time receiving than giving. How great that you were able to help your son, when he really needed your help. Frozen pipes and plumbing problems are a bear and until they’re fixed the whole household doesn’t function very well. I know he was very appreciative that you were able to come and give him a hand with getting plumbing working again. I love your closing paragraph where you let us know how grateful you are for a new life!

  2. Nice post Rip. I am still repairing broken pipes in the Hudson Valley. If you ever need advice on plumbing/heating issues, reach out to me, text me a photo, I am happy to help.

    1. Thanks Frank! While it is probably a good thing for business, I can’t imagine the extra work load for you with frozen pipes and the cold temperatures makes it any easier to find time for your MKE? Thank you for stopping by and commenting.

  3. Patricia Alleyne

    Amazing , who would have thought that broken pipes could help a father and son spend quality time together and take care of business. You gave and her received and vice versa.

  4. This is great Rip and proves yet again that things happen for a reason or as you put it “give more get more” Your happiness poured from the page.

  5. Brought back memories Rip. Christmas 2009 we were away and pipes burst in our house. Took 6 months+ to get back to normal. Good neighbors and our son had it under control until we could get back from the West Coast. It is true that in every adversity there is an equivalent or greater benefit. Believe indeed.

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