2018 Week 01-Begin

Already Week 1 of the MKMMA is upon me… gone by me… YIKES!

I struggled to make the decision to once again engage in the MasterKey Mastermind Alliance (MKMMA) or the MasterKey Experience (MKE) as some call it.  The Extraordinary Eileen asked if I was participating again this year and while I pondered her question, I turned to look into those beautiful blue eyes of hers and realized that she was not asking me 😉   I have learned a great question to ask myself in times of difficulty and when I simply need a burst of truth… What am I pretending not to know?

So… here I am in my 5th journey through the MasterKey Experience… Thank-you sweetheart!

I have learned that I am somewhat of a perfectionist at heart and I really can’t let go of the fact that I really want to find my true calling, my passion, my dharma.  I have come so far at this point of my journey, how could I give up when what my heart really wants seems to be so close???

I will catch up!  I will do what needs to be done and if it is only one more step closer to where I am going… well… I’ll be one more step closer!!!

I Believe

4 thoughts on “2018 Week 01-Begin”

    1. Thank you Pops! Yes, she’s a keeper!!! Her eyes and my future self say it all… and of course the “What am I pretending not to know?” question makes me accountable.

    1. Hey Extraordinary!… I’m trying! Lots of emotions and habits are around me that I am working my way through. Thankful and grateful for you being a part of my life and so supportive of me! I Love and Miss you!!! XXXXOOOOO

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