2018 Week 02 – OoooOOOOO

Got some help from the Alliance this week with something that I was struggling with… Linking.

The Blue Rectangle was introduced last week for us to use as a linking tool… to be used as a string around the finger to remember kinda deal to “link” what we have written down on our chore card to do.  I equate it to when you really never saw any Ford Sho’s on the road… until… you bought one!  My two favorite words, Awareness and Perspective.  We (Extraordinary Eileen and I) never really saw any Sho’s until after we bought one.  I would say that our awareness of Ford Sho’s increased to the point that we started seeing them all over… Perspective.

This week I have started to look for Blue Rectangles… the color Blue… and the Rectangle shape.  I think that I am going to have to tie a string around my finger because I keep fading the awareness of looking for Blue Rectangles away!?  I like the idea that I can keep the chore that I wrote down in the front of my mind and things that I need to do and link it subconsciously to Blue… Rectangles.  So teaching my subconscious that every time I see Blue Rectangles I will think of my chore… compounded with the “Do It Now” chant 25 times twice a day… how could I not get my chore done!!!???

I Believe

4 thoughts on “2018 Week 02 – OoooOOOOO”

  1. Very nice perspective. I see your awareness rising. BTW, what shape is your computer monitor? Do you Marco Polo? What color and shape is the “Start” button? You’ve got this man.

        1. Yes, for blue rectangle that one, but then there are more actions/activities for blue rectangles. This is where and when confusion… and / or old blueprint try to get hold of me and I feel as if my control slips away from me… Thanks Pops for your help and guidance!

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