2018 Week 05 Stalled

Stalled… Overwhelmed… Observing… Why am I in this…. funk?  Why can I see more clearly in others that which I can not see in myself?  Why does my light scare me?

I can disappear into sits and not want to come back to reality…. or do I go to reality when I disappear into my sits and not want to return to… to… hmmmm

How long does it take to do absolutely everything?  Does anyone do everything???  How do you have time to do everything???

I am in such a …. funk… I guess is the best word I can think of.  Everything seems all funked up!  Maybe it is where I need to be to restart or reboot me…  I just don’t know… or do I?

I take each day as they come and am grateful for each of them.  No longer having the elephant riding on my chest each day is an amazing feeling.  Time to focus on who I want to become.  I can will what I want to be.

7 thoughts on “2018 Week 05 Stalled”

    1. Joan, Your kind words and guidance will never be forgotten. The battles I have are quiet yet loud, small yet huge, and sometimes the illusion that it is not worth the fight tries to creep into my “I” As ugly as some of my awareness’s are, I rejoice to be aware… because now I can manifest the change that needs to be made! Thank you! I am so blessed and grateful for you to be on this journey with me.

  1. Brenda… Thank you! What an incredible representation of what I am going through you have described… or made me aware of!!! I CAN BE WHAT I WILL TO BE! I can continue manifesting… I can continue to chase the creepy-crawlies out of the unconscious. Blessed and grateful to be on this journey with you. I will remember always what you have just shared with me!

  2. My Week 6 sounds a lot like your week 5, but I am plugging my way through it. Slowly, methodically and none-too-gracefully. Stumbling through it a bit. I started the week tired and can’t seem to feel refreshed, but I am getting enough sleep. I have been telling myself that it is my blueprint and my “new-print” duking it out for the top spot. I know who I am rooting for. Take care and keep up the great work…..or is it the work for great?!?!

    1. Hey Rhea! It’s been a roller coaster ride for sure. I keep thinking that I’m getting a leg up… and then 3 steps back… Thank you for your kind words and your honesty, to share with me your vulnerability… I do greatly appreciate it!!!

  3. Hey Rip, I am sure we are and will all feel like this at various stages. I certainly did a couple of weeks ago but I figured that it was my old blueprint throwing obstacles at me.

    DON’T QUIT otherwise the old blueprint wins. You can catch up and keep up as I have.

    We are all on a remarkable journey and the benefits of completing this stage of it will be enormous.

    1. Hey Rob… Truth and Grace keeps me going… and of course support from you! Thank you. As I stumble into pools of self-pity, I realize that it took my entire lifetime to get to where I am… why should I expect reversing that, recreating a new blueprint and game plan will be of any faster of a creation? Grateful to be on this journey with you.

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