2018 Week 04 Observing

As the work gets piled on, I step back away and observe myself. Years peel back exposing the memories of my feelings like it was yesterday… STOP…. PILING … ON… THE … HOMEWORK!!!  …and just like that… I am back in school!   YIKES!!!

It wasn’t very good the first time I felt these feelings and I am remembering these feelings again, but this time there is a difference.  This time the work I know I have to do!  I have come so far already… How could I give up at this point???

So just like last year when I opened the door and there was snow halfway up the door and it was still snowing… I just laugh at how the universe wants to be… chuckling to myself as I close door, I begin to sing “let it snow let it snow let it snow…”  Pile it on pile it on pile it oooooon!

I will not let my emotions nor the red pencil dictate the weight of my perceived success!  I will do what I can and focus on the positivity of what I do.  That which I have not done is only because I have not been able to get to it YET.  I will get to it!


4 thoughts on “2018 Week 04 Observing”

    1. Hi Joan, I Believe! My future self is so awesome… how could I give up on him? It has not been easy… I do not think that I have ever taken anything on of this magnitude… but… it is MY LIFE! The heart wants what the heart wants… I just need to keep attention to it… and I need to do the work.

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