2018 Week 09 -Grace

I don’t know where time goes anymore.  I thought before it was flying by… when I was negative and not enjoying life…but now… now that my life is mine again and I am doing what I want instead of doing what I have to…well ZOOOOM!!!  It is really flying by!

While I am working on my patience, I am impatient…?  Did beginning my last career take so long to take off?  Why does now feel as if time is going by so much faster?  Why now after I have let my career go, do I seem to have even less time???

4 thoughts on “2018 Week 09 -Grace”

  1. wow wee, you are a rock star for acheiving this part of your journey, yes in my job i felt and seen this too. well you go for it. you are meant for something wonderful . keep it up . this means something to you i see this . yes. cheers to your journey

    1. Thank you Cindy! The awareness of living your life as you want to, making the choice to live your life as you want to, is not a choice to be taken lightly. It is my light that scares me… but I am willing to be scared for a bit in order that I achieve my dreams. I appreciate you stopping in and posting… supporting me as we journey together. Grateful for you and your kind words.

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